Un dia en Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. November 21st 2011.

I got very little sleep last night. Jetlag didn’t really kick in. I awoke at about 2 and couldn’t sleep for ages. Probably got 3 hours all up. Oh well. Head on down to get some breakfast and its pretty ordinary, though the jugo de naranja and the cafe con leche do hit the spot.

Victoria and her boyfriend Ale come and meet me at the hostel to show me a little of their city. After a brief exchange of gifts where I got a Ferro camiesta and I gave Vicky her Christmas Crackers. We set off down Avenida de Mayo.

Its not long before we’re heading into Cafe Tortoni. It is incredible touristy, and sort of an institution. The waiters are a bit surly, but the interior is really cool. We order some drinks and churros (a long skinny doughnut). Its good to sit down and talk to the both of them – even if Ale cannot speak much English.

The mausoleom of San Martin

We set off again down Av de Mayo and head down to Plaza de Mayo. This is a pretty big square in Buenos Aires. And has a few iconic tourist sights. Such as the Casa Rosada, Catedral and Cabildo. We go to head into the Museo Nacional de Cabildo. But its closed. So we venture into the Catedral, which was pretty incredible. Some amazing architecture. Its also the final resting place for Jose de San Martin.

Catedral de Buenos Aires.

We then headed onto the Subte (short for subterranean) and head towards Plaza Italia and the greenery of Palermo. And head on into the Jardin Botanico. A cool and lush park full of different fauna. Its a cool little garden. Not really well maintained. But its an awesome little place.

Jardin Botanico.

We meet up with one of Vicky’s friends – Christina and sit and talk for awhile before its time to head back to the hostel and get ready for my first foray into South America’s Religion of Futbol. Ale is taking myself along to the Ferro Carril Oeste game. He rocks up to the hostel and we head on the subte to the game.

El partido de futbol!

We arrive after kick off but you can already hear and feel the drums and chants from los fanaticos.It only cost 30 pesos to get into the game and we quickly grab a seat. The chanting, jumping, yelling doesn’t stop. The enthusiasm that los fanaticos exude is pretty awesome. The first half was a bit of a stalemate. The quality of the game was a bit of a let down. In the second half, it still continues and we even get a goal which sends the mob into a frenetic blur.

Ferro Fanaticos.

After the game, we head onto the pitch with Ale’s mates before grabbing a few drinks for the walk back to the station. Back at the hostel I run into Tim, Brendo and Buster who I somewhat know from back home.

Ferro's Estadio.

Things get a little rowdy after a quick shower and next thing you know where heading over to the other hostel to party. I thought it’d be over by 2am. But nope, we then head off down the road to another club.

The thing about clubs here, is that they close pretty late in the morning. It’s quite an experience going out of a club and walking into blind daylight. But I guess I should get used to it.

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3 thoughts on “Un dia en Buenos Aires.

  1. We plan to come to BA in late January. We have 4 weeks total for South America
    what do you recommend?
    Also an furnished apartment in a nice area of town for 4 people in BA for a week feasible?went on airbnb and there are quite a few but wondering which area to stay in. just starting my research and would appreciate all the help!!!!

    • Hola!

      I would recommend spending time in just one Country. Especially with only a month. It really depends on what you are keen for. You could squeeze in two. What are your interests? I can’t really suggest much without knowing that. A good place to start is to grab a guide book and check web resources (which you’ve done). I’m putting together a bit of a ‘backpacker’ guide for BA at the moment and I’ll put it up shortly.

      My friend in Buenos Aires suggests the Palermo area. Its the hip & bohemian sort of area of BA. I stayed on Avenida de Mayo (not far from the huge 9 de Julio). But when I go back in a few days, I’ll be going to Palermo to stay.

      As for to stay in an apartment, sure, it probably is feasible. And would show how one lives in that country. But then you lose the social factor of staying in Hostels. Which is why I keep staying in them.

      • appreciate the quick reply. Palermo sounds great.
        we love food, beaches, a little bit of hiking and sight seeing in general.
        were hoping to see the Icazu falls area as well.
        will pick up a guide book asap. Thanks

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