Sydney to Buenos Aires. 20th November, 2011.

I awake to the an annoying beeping sound that is my alarm. Its 6:30 on a Sunday morning and there is no way anyone in the right mind should be up right now. Seriously. If your up at this time its because you are coming home from a massive bender.

I still haven’t finished packing my bags. I chuck things out, put things in. I know I have forgotten something. Its bound to happen.  I catch the end the Four Nations Final. Good to see Lockeyer go out a winner. Very deserved.  And finally off to the station.

The old man at the airport.

Airport is fairly usual. Its gotten a bit better. But I still had to line up and actually ‘check in’. Bloody aerolineas. A last feed and a bit of a shop (thank you duty free) and its adios to Australia.

Mum about to cry her eyes out.

The flight is slightly delayed. But getting on the plane reminds me of my first plane journey 20 odd years before. Its barely seen any make over. Its still got the old projector style viewing system. The service was good but the in flight entertainment has a lot to be desired. I mean one movie and tv show over a 15 hour flight is hardly ground breaking.


Getting through customs was a doozy. Argentina charge a reciprocity fee of $100USD to Australian citizens. Which is fine. I’m ok with it. But it’s the process that is the annoying part. It takes about 50 Australians close to an hour just to buy this and then proceed through. By the time we get through – the baggage carousel has officially stopped and bags are thrown off. Its then through the doors and into a taxi.

During the whole customs fiasco (not a fiasco – just a long wait really) I get chatting to Shannon and Ashley (couple from Byron). We figure out we’re staying at the same hostel and decide to share a cab in.

Tip: If there is 3 or more of you – it’s the same price to get a taxi in as the shuttle. A taxi will cost you 180 Pesos, the bus 60 Pesos.

We ride in and it only takes abut 40 minutes. And get to our hostel, Millhouse Avenue. Now Millhouse is pretty famous for being a massive party hostel. Anyway, first impressions were its pretty good. Bar area, massive lounge area and the rooms aren’t too bad.

My only complaint is the bathroom lock – which is next to nigh impossible to open. But you get used to it.

But I meet up with Shannon and Ash downstairs at the bar for beers, and some pool (which I somehow turn into a champion at) and meet a range of other people who were pretty fun. Til they shut the bar and we decide to go to the other hostel. This is when jetlag finally hits.  And slams me in the face and I hit the sack.

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2 thoughts on “AR1183

  1. Haha, I like your blog. It made me smile, plus I love all things Latin America!!

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