Oktoberfest 2012.

Munich, Germany.

Its interesting getting up at the hour of dawn hearing everyone moaning and groaning about their hangover and the fact that its god damn cold. But thats the start of the day. As from last year, its vital to get in early and get a seat. Then its the waiting game.

We all head off in taxis and get to the Theresienwiese (which is the park the annual event is held). We all make our way to the Hofbrau Tent. And wait in a mass of bodies chomping at the bit. And its only 7:30ish. There’s still a few hours before they actually tap the keg and start serving.

After grabbing seats, I realise I made a rookie error and wore undies. I take them off quick smart and add them to the collection starting to build up on the spinning pig. Its then a waiting game before the madness begins. A lot of thumb twiddling and boring conversation ensue but it goes pretty quickly. And before you know it 12 noon has arrived.

The keg is tapped and the first few beers are passed into the throng below. Its not long til the first Maß is brought and going down the throat quite easily.

Now I’m not gonna bore you with details of the event. It is what it is. A massive, rollicking good time. An expensive time, but a really good time. Some fantastic experiences.

With that in mind, I’ll leave a few pictures up. And I think they tell the story well. It starts off kind of well, then just goes down hell and ‘messy’ from there. Enjoy the photos. Until the next adventure.


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3 thoughts on “Oktoberfest 2012.

  1. Looks good! I have no idea how I came across your blog. I’m tag surfing apparently. Not sure what that means or how I’m doing it. Maybe wordpress chose yours for the drinking or festival tags. I don’t know; don’t know how it works. Enough. Silence.
    I like your blog anyway.

  2. Looks like so much fun. Could not be Oktoberfest with out German Steins…..

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