A few quiet days.

The preceeding days to the festival.

Lucky for me, the U-bahn was only a short walk. And it was only two stops to Thalkirchen. Where the campgrounds are located. A short wait for the bus, and I’m walking into Camping Thalkirchen. After checking in, I start walking towards the camping spot, and hear a familar voice yell out.

Clarkey and the boys show me to where they’ve set up and I get cracking on setting up. After setting up, Dan rocks up and we set his tent up. We then go to check out the Monastery but Clarkey’s and the others have already gone.

So instead Dan and I head into Marienplatz and walk the nearby markets. Grab a coffee and chill before Mr Grey fox (Benny Smith) rocks up at the station. We head back to set up his tent. Which isn’t bad – we then decide lets head out to the Monastery. Somehow this gets dismissed and we’re walking up to the supermarket to buy a case of beer and some food.

Its not that much later that the monastery boys rock up and it’s probably a good move we didn’t go. They’re a mess – to put it bluntly. We sink our beer and grab another case (just in case – they were only 10 euros for 20 x 600ml bottles). And pull a late night. We head off into the campsite bar – which is quite packed and eat some local bbq food and drink a tonne of beer before they shut up shop.

Waking up is ridiculously cold. I don’t recall Munich being this cold in the morning. But it happens. I stir from my cosy sleeping bag and try to scrub up a bit. A quick cold 1¢ shower. It started warm but turned to holy shit cold in about 10 seconds. But its better to be a little clean.

Some of the boys head into a beer garden to watch the footy from back home. Whilst Dan, Ben and I search for the post office (Mum wired me some money as I’m nearly out) but they need a passport. So we head off in search of cheap Lederhosen. Ben and I ditch the idea after a look at a 2nd hand shop that wasn’t cheap at all. But Dan spends up big on some classy looking hosen.

I head back to the campsite and grab my passport from reception (they hold it – to guarantee you pay up) and head back into town and the post office. I get a few extra euros from the mother which helps and head off in search of the ‘aussie bar’.

I don’t find it at first but wander around Munich for a bit, and find a UEFA Champions League exhibition going on. So I wander through it – it’s nothing more than a few autographed pieces of memorabilia.

I eventually find the bar – the tourist office didn’t even know where it was. And after I purchase a pint of beer. Everyone wants to head off to the Hofbrau Haus. So instead of finishing the beer, I just take it along with myself and finish it on the way.

The Hofbrau haus has a fair bit of tradition. It is a tourist attraction. But it’s not a bad place. It was here where one A. Hitler outlined his 25 ideas for what would become the Nazi party. So a fair bit of history too.

Nonetheless we have a few tables roped off by a few of the boys already there. So we begin, and drink. A few of the boys go halfs in pork knuckle. It comes out and is a monster size. The beer here is served in the usual steins or Maß (pronounced mas).

Things here start of relatively slow. A few Maß and then all of a sudden things hit the fan when Clarkey does a whirlybird (the act of finishing ones drink and swinging the leftover dregs around in a circle above ones head). This act gets him kicked out of the Hofbrau Haus. But we cleverly devise a plan (a jumper and a hat) to get him back in. After this, it goes a bit pearshaped and things get out of control. Broken Maß and beer everywhere. So much that they decide not to serve our table anymore. So we do what anyone would – jump over to the next table or two.

I head back with Pom to the campgrounds where most people have decide to go. And run into Kristie and Kallum before being accosted by a young Australian. Who somehow remembered what I looked like and knew I was a teacher. Long story short – shes best friends with one of my best friends brother. Weird. We drink up a storm as is usual for the day before. And hit the hay somewhere between 1-3am. I don’t exactly remember.

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