One last night train

Belgrade to Ljubljana.

And so it begins, the final stretch of nearly 2 years abroad as I make my way from Belgrade to Ljubljana. Its only with a tinge of sadness and a empty wallet that has forced such a thing.

After getting some supplies for the trip. Its onto the train and the effort to find a seat to sit in. After wandering up and down the 2 seating carriages I find a place with a few others. Just as a shud occurs, and we slowly jolt forward through the outskirts of Belgrade. Its not long til those lights are gone and we’re hurtling along towards the north of Serbia.

Somewhere towards the early morning with no sun in sight we are awakened by border officials as we pass into Croatia. I don’t recall arriving in Zagreb, or departing. I am awoken further along the lines as we enter into the greenery that surrounds Slovenia. It’s one last border control and another stamp in the passport before we head along. Its rather chilly in the morning – something I’m not used to after visiting South Eastern Europe with temps in the high 30’s and 40’s and not really getting below 20’s. So its a definite change.

On arrival at Ljubljana I make my way to the ticket desk to buy a ticket to Munchen hoping to snag a ‘special’ fare. However, all the cheap fares are gone. So I decide to try to find alternative transport. Before going to catch the bus to the hostel (which happens to be the same one as last time).

Though since my last time here, they’ve introduced a cashless metro system. Where you use cards similar to the oyster card in London. So when I go to get the bus, I’m denied entry, and then upon asking where I can find a place to buy the cards I’m giving a “I don’t know” and a shrug. A trek around Ljubljana with my backpack on and I find a place to buy one and am off to the hostel.

I can’t check in but I decide to dump my bag and go into town for a walk, some coffee and a feed. I head into town on the bus and make my way into the centre of town. Its not a big city by any means and the main area is quite small – so I head and grab a coffee on the banks of the river. I then head around walking through streets and shops in search of a cheap tent I can buy. But all I can find is one thats 60 euros – a bit too pricey for my liking.

I then go in search of a ‘speciality’ in Ljubljana that of Horse Meat burgers. Yup, there is a fast food outlet called Hot Horse that sells burgers and fast food eats with horse meat instead of the usual beef/pork/chicken. I grab it and its actually quite tasty – much like a good steak. Apparently its really good for you too. But as with the whale I tried in Norway – I doubt I will be trying it again.

I head back to the hostel for an easy night, cook up a storm with ravioli and watch some movies. Not quite exciting but when your heading to one of the biggest festivals in the world, rest is what you need.

The next day, I have one mission and one mission alone. Find a cheap tent. Thats it. Nothing else. The guy at the hostel sends me to BTC (basically a big shopping area where you can get anything and everything). And find a sports store and find a cheap tent for 15 euros. Score. I am tempted to get a 5 euro sleeping mat but think that 5 euro can be spent on beer.

I then head on back to the hostel to work out how I’m gonna get to Munich in a few days time. I have 2 options the train which is now 79 euros, or a bus which is 40 euros. But the bus gets in at 12 midnight and I don’t wanna put a tent up at that night. So I try what the Germans call Mitfahrzentralen or ride sharing. And find a good bloke to take me to Munich for 25 euros. So that sorts that out.

The night ends much the same as previously – watching movies and chilling out. I won’t have the comfort of a bed til I’m back home in Australia. So I make the most of it.

The next day I just pack and wait for the lift at about 3pm. He messaged me at about 10 to say to meet him at the train station. So I get there and wait. He then sends another msg saying to meet him at the bus station number 3. This confuses the living hell out of me and think I cannot find it. I just wait near the bus station for an age til he rocks up in a van and I jump in. I was literally sweating thinking I missed him and I’d be jumping on the bus to Munich later in the evening.

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