The longest day

I’ve only got about a week before I have a very important date with Germany, Beer, and a little festival as well. So Its time to start the long trek north to Germany by making a stop in Belgrade. Again. I made some awesome friends here last time around and thought I’d try to sneak a quick visit in to sample the delicious beer and outstanding nightlife once again.

But to get there from Albania is a freaking nightmare.

After the breakfast of champions – Burek. Aleesha, Caitlin and myself head off to the bus stop and jump on the first bus to Tirana. Nothing too bad there. Its quite a boring journey and a few hours kip on the way. We then take a cab over to a Furgon stand to grab one to Shkodra – it is basically a mini bus full of people. Cheap but. One of the girls makes friends with a boy from Montenegro and he offers to help us get to the border. Which is a taxi ride and he kindly offers us a lift to the nearest town of Ulcinj. Its then another bus to Bar. A long freaking day of travel just to get this far. But its not over yet – after a quick bite to eat at Bar I bid the girls goodbye and walk down to the train station.

I see a train immediately there and don’t think much of it. I go buy a ticket on the train to Belgrade (20 euros) and hop on the train. Quite quick and easy. I find a comfy seat in a cabin and start to get comfy. But we get to a station where there a tonne of Serbians getting on and I lose the seat as I don’t have a reservation. And there doesn’t seem to be any spare seats anywhere. So the night is spent talking to a few lovely students from Novi Sad and trying to sleep on the floor. Somehow I manage to do this and get woken up at Belgrade.

Though somehow I’ve ended up at the wrong station in Belgrade – a quick bus ride and I’m near the main station. And heading to the hostel for a good rest. Bloody tough day of travel. In all it was nearly 24 hours on the road to get here.

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2 thoughts on “The longest day

  1. Paul Sandford on said:

    I have really enjoyed your blog. When do you think you will be updating it again.

    • Hi Paul,

      Glad you enjoyed it. I’m putting the finishing touches on a few blogs (uploading photos). But I haven’t been travelling much lately. Hopefully I can put up some little blogs about my next adventure and some tips and tricks.


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