Ancient Olympos

Olympos, Turkey


After the secludedness of Butterfly Valley, it was to the backpacker and hippie town that had sprung up at Olympos. The town is famed for its beach, ruins, chimera and the fact you get to stay in Tree houses. Yeah, hopefully I wouldn’t be starring in a Treehouse of Horror episode on the simpsons.

So it was a boat ride, a dolmous and to get back to the bus station at Fethiye. A quick run around the Otogar and I had found the bus company (as I said a lot of bus companies at Otogars but they all go to various destinations. However this one was pretty nondescript and didn’t look that travel worthy. The bus was a little minibus and fanged down the coastal road – at one point speeding past a car on a two lane road around a corner with a truck heading the other direction. We missed the truck by a bee’s dick!

After the port town that the Blue Cruises finish at, it was a short ride to a little restaraunt a top a hill. Where there was nothing but squat toilets and a wait for a dolmous down into Olympos Village. The road was unsealed and rocky. A bumpy ride down into the Treehouses.

Upon getting to Bayram’s Treehouse I check in and go to my dorm room where I finish reading the book I tried to read on the bus. I for some reason cannot read on buses or in cars but I can read in every other mode of transport as it makes me somewhat carsick. Not pretty at all. After meeting a few of the room mates (Erin, Cassie and Justine) its off to wait for dinner. At most of these treehouses you pay about 15 euros for the bed, breakfast and dinner.

Dinner is somewhat better than at the valley – only due to the fact they actually had a good meat dish to eat for and the usual vegetarian options. It all goes down well with a bottle of Efes. Most evenings in Olympos involve sitting around the common area where there are tonnes of seats and couches to sit on whilst you drink beer and smoke shisha. Thats the way most nights go. There is a bar/nightclub nearby that you can get loose at if your so inclined.

Olympos itself isn’t big. There isn’t even an ATM machine here – you have to walk down to the beach and around to the next town to find an ATM machine. And then its only a portable one on the back of a truck.

Most days at Olympos are pretty similar to the stuff happened at The Valley – except you had air conditioned rooms! Its the usual wake up, grab breakfast and coffee, maybe get Cassie to make a smoothie, before heading down to the beach for swimming and lazing about. Its not a bad life at all. But you never forget to stop at the store to grab a big frozen bottle of water to enjoy whilst down there or the melon bowls of ice cream the girls were so fond of.

Melon and Ice Cream!

There are ruins at Olympos – you walk about 1km through them to get to the beach. They aren’t spectacular but if you have a cool day they are worth tramping over. But no matter what the walk to the top of the ruins on the hill (you can see it from the beach) gives you an amazing panorama of the bay below.

The ruins of Olympos.

The beach itself is the usual rocky Mediterranean beach you expect of Europe with travellers from everywhere. The water is its usual unrefreshing and bathlike self. Though if you want refreshing swim near the river mouth – its refreshing or you might just wind up on a fishermans hook.

Olympos Beach.

To be honest, I overstayed a few days here. You get into a routine and its nice to have that routine and not have to go see a ‘sight’, catch a bus, try the newest Lonely Planet recommended restaurant or check the local markets. Its just good to relax and chill in hammocks and do very little.

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