A search for a Blue Cruise…

Fethiye and Oludeniz,Turkey – 15th and 16th, August.

Getting to Fethiye was quite simple. A bus ride…though it was fairly bad in terms of Turkish bus travel. A crowded smelly mini bus isn’t great but we get to Fethiye Bus Station. Of course the guesthouse I’ve booked doesnt have directions so I cab it to the Guesthouse and spend the day walking the streets of Fethiye.

Fethiye is a pretty big town. The main part is the ‘market’ centre where everything is european prices. Its quite nice to stroll but everything is expensive. I do run into a Dominoes pizza place…what the?

I go and look at Blue Cruises but I decide not to bust out 150 euros for it and decide to go to the valley instead in a few days time.

I keep walking past the market centre in Fethiye and get to the more run down section and find a kebab store where I get a Kebab and Coke for 4TL before grabbing a few beers and going back to chill at the guest house.

The next day I decide to head out to Oludeniz to laze by the beach. Its fairly easy to get to by Dolmous – if you know where they go from that is. Luckily a friendly local walked me all the way there. I get off at what I initially thought was Oludeniz. However it turned out to be a horrible tourist town called Hisaronu. It was filled with overweight and obese British tourists and where the menus and signs were all in marked in British Pounds. A horrible town.

I finally get to Oludeniz and jump straight into the water for a refreshing dip. Refreshing it may have been if it was minus 10 degrees. The water was like a warm bath and fair from cooling. And the day is spent running from the rocky beach to the mild water for the rest of the afternoon.

The main beach at Oludeniz.

I do go for a walk to check out the famous part of Oludeniz – the bay and the point. But they want to charge you for that. So I see a big sand dune and decide to climb up it. Little did I realise how hot the sand actually was. I at least made it most of the way up before burning the soles of my feet off.

The sand dune I climbed with white hot sand.


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2 thoughts on “A search for a Blue Cruise…

  1. Well, we can’t say we’ve ever climbed up the sand dune in Oludeniz! Great view though. šŸ™‚ You can actually get into the lagoon for free via the back beaches but you did the right thing – it’s much better viewed from above.

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