An Ancient Wonder and a close shave

Selcuk, Turkey – 13/08/2010

The hostel has a few bikes that they lend out, and seeing as I’m only going down the road I grab one. They’re pretty dodgey and not exactly road worthy but it does the trick. About 1km up the road is a small little opening that is overgrown with grass and a moss strewn pond. However this was once the place of one of the Ancient Wonders of the World – The Temple Of Artemis! All that stands now is 2 columns. But if you picture the Parthenon in Athens but bigger and much grander – you will get an idea of what this temple was meant to look like.

All that remains of the Temple of Artemis.

I then head off into the main streets of Selcuk for a wander around. I end up eating a Turkish Pide and a Efes before going for a surreal Turkish Experience – the turkish shave. For the price of 5 TL you get a straight razor shave, ears waxed and a massage. Bargain prices! And I tell you what – its a fantastic experience. It makes me want to take up shaving with the straight razor.

I head on up to St Johns Basilica – where the apostle St John is allegedly buried. I just walk around the outside. I don’t think a set of ruins and a grave can do justice to any place after Ephesus.

Entrance to St Johns Basilica.

I walk on back to the hostel and meet up with a fellow traveller and we decide to bail on the bbq as its not worth it and head into town for a feed of Kofte and Efes. We get 3 beers and a feed for about the same price the guesthouse is charging for the BBQ. Sweet.

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