The Mighty Ephesus

Ephesus, Turkey – 12/08/2010

I tag along with Dippa and his friend Dilek for the day. She’s got a car which makes it easier getting to places. We head on the road out to Ephesus, park the car and go buy our tickets to get in. I still cannot believe non locals cannot buy the Muzeu Card. Dammit. Oh I almost forgot the abundance of Genuine Fake Watch stores in the shop centre out the front. Weird.

Ephesus is probably the best preserved Roman and Greek Ruins outside of Italy/Greece respectively. They have been around well before the turn of A.D. And are one of the major tourist attractions in Turkey.

We head on in and walk up a shaded path – it doesnt last too long but. And we turn the corner to see the gigantic Theatre. It was built in 3 B.C and can hold over 44,000 people. Monstrous. Unfortunately it, like every other building is being restored and there is a great big bloody crane next to it.

The Great Theatre.

The Great Theatre from the top.

Its then a walk up the road a bit til we hit the “photocard” moment of ephesus. The Library of Celsus is probably the most photographed/published ruin in Ephesus. It is pretty outstanding and it does blow your mind. It is incredible despite the hoardes of tourists and the sweat starting to roll off my skin with too much eash.

The Library of Celsus.

We then walk up the main road, and I am not posting a tonne of photos – I guess if you have me on here you have me on facebook check the photos out there. But we walk up past the public bathrooms (read: hole in a bit of rock), the brothel, turkish bath house, plenty of temples and the rest. We end up at the tiny smaller theatre which can only hold a few thousand. Its getting ridiculously hot – sweat is dripping everywhere and we’re out of water so we decide to head back to the car and go somewhere else.

Its up to this little village about 7km up hill. We arrive at Sirince and walk into the undercover market bit but don’t get very far. We get a whiff of food and we’re sitting down and ordering Turkish Pide. Somehow I get talked into trying Ayran. Now if you are not familiar with this drink, good, it is quite disgusting. It is basically yoghurt mixed with water and is very salty. I had 2 sips and left my drink for the others to demolish. The Turkish Pide on the other hand was simply amazing!!

Its a bit of a walk up the hillside to this little church, that doesn’t have a lot on show except for two rather good looking blokes looking a lot like David. We retire to the nearby cafe for a freshly squeezed juice and a pretty good view off the balcony.

Thinking Men.

Now Sirence is famous for its Fruit Wines and there are a tonne of local wineries trying to offload their wines to tourists like us. So what better way to spend the rest of the afternoon than to ‘taste test’ the wines. And I must say the fruit wines go down pretty well and the guys bring out 2 at a time to taste. So by the end of it we’ve basically drunk a whole bottle which is always good.

Sirence Wine

Back down in Selcuk I settle in with a few beers on the patio at the hostel/guesthouse and wait for the BBQ to be ready to devour. We watch the sun set out towards the ruins at Ephesus and chow down to a mediocre bbq – not enough meat too much salad, as the famous simpson quote goes “You don’t win friends with salad”.

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