Another bus.

Eceabat to Selcuk, Turkey – 11/08/2010

I’m up fairly early – though the room I’m in is so dark its hard to judge what time it is exactly – and off to get a bus to a town called Selcuk.

Selcuk is famed for a few things. One being the roman ruins of Ephesus – the main reason I and a lot of others are going.

I get on the bus at Eceabat. It then goes straight to a ferry. A ferry to Cannakkle. 1.5 hour stop here for lunch. Then onto Selcuk. This is at 12:30 mind you. We get in at about 7:40pm. We stopped numerous times at random bus stations and eateries for the drivers to sip their cay (turkish tea pronounced Ch-ay). Its a long bus trip. Ridiculous. I do meet Dippa, a fellow aussie on the busm, though.

We get to the ANZ guesthouse and its not exactly brisling with business. But we check in, shower up after that ridiculous ride. I am a bit shocked at the bathroom situation – we all know guys pee in the shower its kinda ingrained in our head BUT having the toilet right next to the shower with NO shower curtain beggers belief.

Dippa and myself head on into town for a walk around to find a bit of food and drink. We stumble on the two main streets of Selcuk – which isn’t a great deal. But find a decent bar with cheap beer and cheap Nargile. We drink and smoke the evening away. And it only cost us 20TL. Score.

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