A navigation of the Otogar

Istanbul to Eceabat, Turkey – 9/8/2010

Heading off from the hostel at about 12ish, its a 2 stop journey to the Otogar. Firstly to get off the tram and then hop onto the train to the Otogar. The Otogar is the Bus station. And Istanbuls is a god damn behemoth. It would make your local shopping centre (ala westfields look tiny).

It is a chaotic place that is full of touts and bus drivers trying to sell you tickets. Its rather confusing – not just that everything is in Turkish but its also the fact there are 161 ticket outlets – there are more bus platforms too. Its a nightmare to actually navigate properly without prior knowledge. Luckily a kind man points me in the direction of the correct Metro Bus ticket office and about 20TL later I am on board a bus to Eceabat on the Gallipoli peninsula.

The bus ride itself is something to behold. If only the rest of European buses were like this. Service from a bow tied waiter, drinks, food, and a small little tv set. Its not a bad ride into Eceabat.

I get into Eceabat and its a small little town with not a lot going on. But its the closets town to the Gallipoli battlefields and will do after the hustle and bustle of one of the biggest cities in the world.

Checking into the hostel I pay for the digs and a tour of the battlefields before I can take my bags up to the room the bloke behind the bar yells out “would you like a bundy mate?”. You can’t half tell who they are targeting at this town.

The room is small with 6 bunks and a good bathroom. The bonus is I have the room to myself!

I head on back down to the bar where I meet the rest of the guests and down a few Efes. I deny the Bundy as its a bit expensive at 18TL for a nip. Paulie (the owner/manager) decides to take us out to the best seafood restaurant in town. A 2 minute walk away and we’re there and devouring seaford or a good grill downed with a beer. Absolutely delicious for the price.

We then get dragged to a bar called the boomerang bar which is situated right on the waterfront of the Dardenelles. Best thing about this place is that it has bean bags. And we sink Efes and talk the shit for a few hours.

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