Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

So after a short bus ride that kept stopping every hour I finally make it to Plovdiv in the am. Myself and a few other backpackers get picked up by the Nicky (the guy who is managing hostel mostel in Plovdiv). And he takes us there. Its still pretty god damn hot mind you.

At the hostel we check in and chill out over a few beers waiting for dinner. The hostel isn’t as god as the one in V.T. But it is only getting started.

We then hit up a bar thats on top of a hill for a few drinks before coming back to the hostel and a cool aircon bedroom!

Plovdiv is one of the bigger cities in Bulgaria. Despite that there isn’t a whole lot to see or do. But I head off for a wander around and think maybe it wasn’t wise to book 2 nights here.

I head up the main drag which isn’t much more than the usual desinger shops you see on every high street. Not really impressive. The heat on the other hand was.

I wander up to the old town. Which has plenty of buildings to admire. And a few museums. Which if you have time and money might be worth it…but this is me on a budget so I diss the ethnograph museum and head to P-div’s (my new nickname for it) pearl – The amphitheatre.

The amphitheatre is pretty impressive…despite the fact a road runs beneath it. You could pay the 3 Lev to go in. But why do that when I get a perfectly good view from the top where a cafe sits just outside the fence.

Plovdiv's Ampitheatre.

I then head up the streets and find the Roman Ruins a top one of the seven hills. Its got great views of the city. But there’s a bit of sadness in the fact its all graffiti’d. It just doesn’t seem right for their to be spraypainted scrawl on ruins.

I go back to the hostel and chill out for the rest of the afternoon. We grab some beers and enjoy dinner before Nicky takes us out to a street concert. Only problem was he didn’t really check the date properly and they’re still setting up – apparently its tomorrow night. So instead we go to a dive bar. Which was really fun.

The next day is a bit of a waste of a day. I buy a ticket and wait around for my night bus to come. Its not exactly an exciting day.

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2 thoughts on “Plovdiv, Bulgaria

  1. I wander what a primitive one has to be to evaluate a place according to the price of the beer. Plovdiv is a nice, cultural city, many museums (yes, they cost money), atmosphere and nice restaurants and clubs. If you want only to drink, smoke and f..k, this is not your place. Go to Thailand or Mallorca. I am really disappointed by the level of tourists that go to interesting places like Plovdiv, Istanbul or Budapest.

    • Where did I mention the price of beer? And when did I evaluate Plovdiv on how expensive/cheap the beer was?

      I didn’t mention once the price of beer. Or that I rated Plovdiv because of it. It was mentioned twice that I went to a bar. Probably a total of 4 sentences. I hardly go to places to drink, smoke and fuck. And if it was – I would of stayed in my home town.

      Sorry to be uncultured but not everyone wants to be going around to Museums every single day they are on holidays. Or doing things that are what you perceive as ‘cultured’. If you think myself spending 2 days in Plovdiv is uncultured then go take a Contiki/Top Deck tour through Europe – it is nothing but ‘smoke, fuck and drink’. Geez. That to me is the epitome of being an ‘uncultured’ traveller.

      And if you think that people can’t do nice things in Thailand that don’t involve “drinking, smoking and fucking” then you need a head check. Its a beautiful country with plenty of culture. And I’m sure the same can be said about Mallorca.

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