Hold On

Brasov, Romania – 26th July, 2010

So after getting back from dinner, I find a bunch of people drinking 2L bottles of beer. I join in. At about 4am its an Irish lad named Jack were the last ones drinking. I leave him to drink to himself and hit the sack. To a room full of snoring heads.

In the morning and after a bit of breakfast, which mind you is terrible (rolling stone hostel you have a lot to improve!). I end up chilling with Jack whilst he continues to get drunk at 11am in the morning. Quality.

I head into the square with them and leave them to walk to the station. I head to find something to eat and admire the Piata Stafalui with its council house and cute Romania buildings.

Piati Stafalui - Its bigger than this. Bloody cool though.

I go through the worlds ‘smallest’ street. Its not much of a street though. Its more a pedestrian alley way. Weird.

Worlds Smallest Street.

I decide – hey why not climb up to the Brasov sign. Only for it to start raining. So I take a rain check and take the cable car up. Which screams up there in a few minutes. Its about another 5 minutes walk til you are next to the Brasov sign. Its rather Hollywood and well, pretty lame. But the view of Brasov is pretty worth it.

At the lookout. Next to the Brasov sign.

Back down in town I head off and go to find the Black and White tower – where you also get some views. But they want money to climb up them (7 Lei) so I just admire the view from the entrance point before going back to the hostel.

I get talking to a few American’s and they want to go watch some Gypsy music so I decide I’m down with that. Only problem is we have to wait for the Bear tour to finish (yup the hostel runs a bear watching tour. Not really a tour – you sit in a car and wait for the bears to come scavenge through bins – not my idea of wildlife watching). So we wait – they return and they aren’t going to the gypsy music. So we head to a bar instead.

The bar is pretty cool – got a great little vibe. Only problem was the return trip from the bar. They called last drinks so we decided to go. Bad mistake. The skies had opened up. And not a sprinkle. A downpour was bucketing down. So we go for one last one. And then go. But things haven’t died down. So its a walk home in the rain. Awesome. Clothes completely saturated we make it back.

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