Dracula’s Lament!!!!

Bran, Romania – 27th July, 2010.

Again, the late starts continue. Not just a trend, just a bad habit. But I make it up to the bus station and run into Georgie and Suzie from the hostel who are also heading to ‘Dracula’s Castle’. Though its far from it – Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula) never lived here, its also disputed that he never even set foot here.

Bran Castle.

We get off the bus at Bran and we all knew it was going to be touristy but seeing it for yourself it goes a little too far. There are a tonne of shops. It even has a haunted house ride. Like seriously what the fuck?

The castle itself is very drab on the inside. But its got a few good points. It actually has a lot of information about the castle and also about vampires, ghosts, witches, and dracula himself. Though walking up a set of stairs the girls did manage to lock us in a stair well. Or just try to open any door at all possible. Though the castle is nice and all – its very popular with tourists. And it gets a tad boring after a while. Georgie and I end up walking ahead of everyone and waiting.

Chilling out on Draculas Balcony....well not really.

We then head down to wait for a bus – after a hot chocolate and a beer. Hey its cheap. Whilst waiting for the bus it starts to literally pour down with rain. I blame the girls.

Back at the hostel we chill out to a movie and then head out for some dinner at the nearby restaurant. Though it took a bloody lifetime to get dinner. We are joined by a few others before we decide to go to a bar as its 11 by the time we leave.

We hit up this little cafe/bar that seems cool and have a few drinks. The girls bail cause they’re tired. And I stay with the boys. Where we basically quiz each other on shit. I dunno. Lame. But we go back to the hostel. With a bit of a buzz on.

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