Sinaia and Peles Castle

Sinaia, Romania – 25th July, 2010.

I try my best to get up for a 9:50 train. Nick and I pretty much decide to go at 9:30 at least we I was packed. Though Romania trains are notoriously late we think we may have just made it. Though despite being 2 minutes late, we cant get onto it. So we have to wait til 1:10pm.

A kebap and a chill out at the hostel and I’m on the train at the right time. A bit of sleep and a bit of reading. I get woken up by some old ladies. I can’t even tell what stop I’m at…but apparently its Sinaia. Yeah train stations don’t really have good signage here.

I get off and go to dump my bag and run into Nick. So after putting it into storage we get our hike on up the hill. Just after the main town street we see a tonne of rally cars from old down up bombs to F3 cars. Theres a Rally going on. And its quite a sight.

The Sinaia Rally.

We push onwards and make our way to the top near a monastery and take a back road to get on the track to Peles Castle. Speak to most Romanians and this is the castle you ought to visit in Romania.

On viewing Peles you can certainly see why its up there. Its more like a Palace than a castle. But its fairy tale turrets are definitely worth while. We wander around the gardens for a bit. We then go to get in…though the ticket desk is closed.

Peles Castle, Sinaia.

So we just walk in with a group and hope for the best. The lady was super friendly and allowed us in for free. We put on these funny looking slippers to protect the floors and wandered through following a Romanian tour group with our A4 sheet of information. It wasn’t overall impressive inside, but the outside alone is worth it.

We wander downhill and go visit the monastery. Though its not much. So I do the bolt to get my bag as its close to 6pm and the Luggage storage is closed then. I get down and go to buy a ticket – but they dont have credit card facilities and the atm at the station is broken. Great. So after missing ANOTHER train. I head on up to get money out and run into Nick. We both decide a drink is on the cards.

I finally get onto a train to Brasov. Though its a P train – that means Personal. Its the slow train that takes forever. For a trip that is 45km it took a total of nearly 2 hours. Ridiculous.

One thing is for sure, trains here suck. But the scenery is spectacular.

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