Bucharest – July 23rd, 2010.

At the grand old time of 1:50am a flight departs London Luton with my self on board. My last departure from London I would assume. Well for the next few years at least. After 20+ months living and travelling from London its a bit sad but its always good to get on the road again but.

After 3 great hours of turbulence and a screaming child kicking my chair. I arrive rather tired at a dilapidated Bucharest Airport. Its not more than a run down building with a huge line up for customs, and one baggage belt. What an international Airport. And its still hot.

I jump on a bus and due to the hostel not giving the right directions – I end up having to improvise with an out of date LP map. I do get there and end up chowing down a good breakky and sleeping for a few hours.

I awake and start to get my act together. By going for a walk around town. I start to walk down Calea Victorei which isn’t the main road but runs parallel to it. Its got more things to see.

I get to Piata Revolutei which has the Palace (now an Art Gallery) and the Atenul Romain (fancy concert hall). Which are quite nice to see. But it feels like its not important as no one is really here to see them. And theres a massive car park in between them.

Communist Party Building

Just nearby is the Communist Party Building and a small park. The building was where Ceausescu tried to regain control in Romania but ended up bailing on a chopper – where they where caught and then executed on Christmas Day. Nice present hey.

A little further down is Lipscani where I grab a sandwich for a bargain price of 50 pence. There is a the Stavropoleos Monastery nearby and its quite splendid. Really small and magnificent little building. And head off to Cuerta Veche – its a place where Ceausescu went nuts trying to destroy it.

Stavropoleos Monastery

Now Bul Unirii is what Ceausescu envisioned as the Champs Elysee of Bucharest. Its a huge street. But its got nothing on the real one in Paris. However at the end is probably one of the most fascinating buildings of Bucharest. Its known as the Palace of Parliamnet. It is the 2nd largest building in the world just behind the Pentagon. And is still not completed. It is a mammoth of a building.

The Palace of Parliament - bloody huge is an understatement.

Back at the hostel, a heap of people go on a walking tour. But i stay and just chill out. I run into a guy named Nick and we head off to catch them at the bar. And we admire the scenery.

We also get hit on by a few street workers. Which is comedy gold.

Its not a bad evening. But its extremely cheap with 1 pound drinks most of the night. Score.

July 24th, 2010.

I start off in a similar way as yesterday. But head off at about 12. Bad mistake though as its boiling hot.

I head onto the metro to another Paris rip off. Bucharest’s Arc De Triomph. Its not as impressive as the one in Paris. Or even the one in Barcelona. At least the one in Barca has tried to be different. This is a blatant rip off.

Bucharests answer to the Arc De Triopmh....the Arc De Lame perhaps.

A walk through the park and I’m back at the hostel. And thats most of Bucharest done. So I chill out and not do much.

I go with a few guys to dinner and its cheap. 3 quid for a decent feed. Cannot complain about that. And then off to the hostel to chill out. Its a quiet evening tonight.

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