Down to Biarritz

July 2nd to July 4th – Biarritz

We plan to leave by about 7 or 8. Which we do accordingly. Unfortunately the gates to the camp ground don’t open til 9am. What is this? A jail. Surely people want to leave early some days.

The drive to Biarritz is quick and easy. We play some Asshole in the back and nearly get killed whilst Clarkey is driving. We make it Biarritz in one piece and find a park before grabbing a feed from the supermarket. And then set off for the campsite – we get to the site and well as soon as they saw our van they basically said ‘No room for you’. We went past a few campervan site so pull up there. Only to pull up next to a few other van tours who look to have been drinking since 9 this am. We discover why we werent allowed to spend the night at that campsite.

Anyway we go grab some beers from the supermarket and some glacier before having a few beers. One of our mates from footy is in town so he comes and meets us before we head into the center.

We get out of the car and get absolutely pelted down with rain. So Clarky, Bolster and I chill and wait for the rest to return. We then head on down to the beach and drink some beer and rum whilst watching the sun set.

Things escalate and we end up going to a bar on the main street thats playing some of the World Cup Quarters. So we watch a bit of that and drink some beer. The price shocks the hell out of me – for 3 beers you didnt get much change from 20 euros. Shit. We drink and do our best impressions on the local girls though only clarkey succeeds there.

We bail and go back to the van and grab the esky with the leftover beers and go to the beach to drink up a storm. Shit kind of escalates a wee bit when we go to get into the Van to sleep when Zuks realises he has lost the key. So we spend the night trying to find a good place to pass out. Bolster had the best position – on top of the van!

We wake up the next morning and break into the van. Luckily for us the guys next to us we’re mechanics and made it easy for us to hotwire it to get down to pamps in a few days time.

The next few days is spent going to the beach, drinking and playing asshole. Its not a bad way to live.

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