Wawel and the Old town.

Krakow – June 3rd, 2010.

After the free breakky we head on into town and I take mum around the main old part of town. First up we stop by the magnificent Wawel Castle which perches itself on Wawel Hill overlooking the river below. Its quite a regal building and mum really isn’t too happy with the climb up the hill. But the grounds inside aren’t quite as great as they were last time – I blame the construction work going on in the courtyard area.

We head off and grab some good views of the river before descending into the dragons den. Legend has it that the Krakow was founded where the King Krac slayed the dragon that lived in this den. Its more or less just a bunch of stairs descending into a cave down below. Where I manage to hit my head numerous times with my sunnies on. They get a good lot of scratches on the lenses. Dammit.

We then take a walk up towards the Stare Miasto (old town) from the castle. We meander up Grodzka (part of the Royal way). Where we pass numerous churches and charming little side streets.

Just before we reach the Rynek Glowny (biggest square in europe). We are met with a huge amount of people. On further inspection its more of a procession to St Mary’s Church. We find out its a public holiday and there is a huge mass going on. We stay around for a bit before I get bored and we head off around the Rynek and then go up a back street towards the Barbican.

We stop at a little cafe for a feed. Mum grabs a sandwhich whilst I thought I grabbed some sort of dish but it ended up being fried beef cheese on bread. It was ok washed down with beautiful Tyskie.

We head up to the Barbican, and the Florianski gate. And back down to the Rynek where its all still going on. Mum’s had a bit too much walking and wants to go back to the hostel.

We jump on a tram and head on back. I jump off at a Alkohole store and buy 4 Tyskie longnecks for some drinks and we make our way back to the hostel.

We mingle with the guests and I sink my beers. I get a sms off a local CouchSurfer (CSer) who says I can come join them for drinks later on. And mum and myself head in to the Stare Miasto to grab a feed. The guy at the hostel showed us this Georgian restaurant and we find it easily. We order our food (I got a steak with potatos for about £3) and enjoy that over a beer. Just before we leave it starts to pour down. And we jump on the next tram back – I drop off mum at the hostel as she is feeling tired and I go and meet a Christina (CSer) in town at a pub called Prozac. Its not a bad little pub but a little pricey on the beer. After a little boogy on the d-floor we head off to another place.

I get dragged along to some club. Not sure of the name. But it sort of reminded me of bars and clubs in Berlin. It had that very grungy and dingy feel. But was very welcoming and pretty good. I ended up meeting a pretty cool Norwegian girl and spent most of the night there til I packed it in late in the morning.

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