Farewell to Norway, Guten Tag Austria

Norway to Austria – 28th December, 2009.

We get up well before dawn. And I mean at about 4. Way early. And get moving to go to the Airport for a 6am flight. Today is a massive, massive travel day.

We kind of hold up the plane – I blame the ferry. And Get on. Its the first time I’ve seen them have to scrub off the ice before take off. Its not long til I’m fast asleep. Then waking up as we get into Riga.

Unfortunately its not for long as we wait around for a while and say farewell to murph, jo, viv and lauren before going to our plane.

We then have another flight to Munich. I see a little less than last time (I swear I only saw beer halls, fair rides and a train station – but hey thats Oktoberfest for ya) and we get a train to a little town in Austria called Zell Am Ziller.

Ally was excitedly nervous and I just wanted to sleep, though ally was nervous for good reason. She was meeting her lost love (1 2 3 awwwwwwww). We meet her beau and then go to find the hotel. Yet, somehow get lost as we don’t know the directions. A sign not far pointed us in the right direction.

The lady at the hotel was amazing. Super sweet and friendly.

We then head off and grab a feed and a beer before meeting the Denmark guys. Its off to the local discoteca for some beer.

December 29th, 2009.

So up for breakky and get ready for our first day on the powder. Brigit takes us into town to get our boards and our lift passes.

And then we go up the mountain. Its a far ride up, but the views are awesome. We hit the little learning hill to get acquantined again. I pick it up fairly quickly, the girls not so much. And then decide to go to a different run when my boot decides to snap and not wanting a broken ankle I have to go back down and get another pair.

30 minutes later and I’m back up. The girls are still falling over but I talk them into going down another slope. Which is quite fun, but short.

We see 2 of the Danes and go down number 11, which is hecticly steep. Though I start to get better and link my turns. Before getting to the bottom relatively unscathed.

We then head down as we’re all pretty puffed out. And then go meet the danes to get some food and then a feast at their place. Quiet evening of a few beers.

December 30th, 2009

We head 0ff to another part of the resort called Konigsleiten. It has a fair amount of green runs that the girls can do. And a few reds I can try too.

The girls at lunch decide they need lessons and try to book for the arvo but dont. We then grab some feed and listen to songs I swear I heard at Oktoberfest. I get the urge to go back on the mountain and head up. I spend the afternoon carving up the runs. Getting good and going a little off piste and finding a few jumps to hit.

I try to find the girls but cant find them anywhere – starting to panic I wait at the bus stop for the trip back to Zell. Still no sign. I’m just hoping they went back earlier.

At the hotel I still see no sign of them, til I go to head to the store to get some food and they walk in. Bastards. They came back early and did some shopping haha.

Anyway, its a bit of a quiet night. And nothing much really happens.

December 31st, 2009.

So the girls have their lesson, so I just go up and cruise the mountain. Have some food. And keep going. Gotta love snowboarding. I watch a bit of their lesson, and laugh when ash nearly hits a tree. Go figures, I burn through 2 minutes later and stack it trying the mini jumps in between them. Fun times.

We have lunch and ash wants to go, so Ally and I say we’ll go down the run and meet you at the bottom. We end up going up and down about 5 times before finally going down. Then wanting to go on the mini rollercoaster thinking it was free – then realising it wasnt.

We then set about getting a feed. And make our way to this awesome pizzeria across the river. Before coming back and drinking up before heading to the Danes. We see in the new year on the balcony sipping champagne and watching the random fireworks. Before heading into the discoteca for a night of dancing and drinking. I remember asking for 1 beer, and getting 3 though. Score. I stumble in about 4. Ally doesn’t stumble in at all. haha.

January 1st, 2009.

So this is the new year, and I don’t feel any different. Oh Death cab, so true. Anyway the girls dont want to board today so they set off to do a toboggan ride. I ditch that and hit the mountain. Same story, different day. I hate the pistes in the afternoon. So icy and hectic. Oh well.

I spend the night chilling and listening to music and not doing much else.

January 2nd, 2009.

Its my last day on the snow, so I try to get up their early. But it doesn’t happen. We get up to the middlestation and then find out we have to meet the danes at the other one. So we board down. Then its a long long long trip up on a very rickety and old looking lift. Its also freaking cold.

But its fun and the run is pretty sweet. We get to the halfway point and meet the others for lunch. I grab a massive bratwurst. Awesome.

When we decide to get back out, the weather has turned utter foul and its starting to bucket down. Oh well. We head on down and its pretty fun. Ally goes off to say bye to her lover and Ash and I go back up. At the top its still bucketing down with snow but its pretty fun.

We meet ally and go to a different run. This time we get to the top and its snowing so much that I can’t even see a metre in front of me. That was one of the best experiences. Snowboarding in that weather is hectic but so much fun.

The girls head off and I just decide to milk it and stay to the end. Gotta get the most out of it. Sadly, it comes to an end and I have to go. Shame, but I am addicted to boarding now.

I head back and get told the bad news by Brigit, that I cannot make my flight at Salzburg by catching the train or bus in the morning – the connections just dont work. So I have to leave tonight to get there. Which is ok. Its not a problem. I’ve slept in worse places than an airport.

I say bye to Ash and Ally and head off to the station. And wait for the train. I get to Salzburg rather late, but starving so I hit up the burger king next door and then try to find a way to the airport. Thankfully a bus goes right there, but I have to wait til about 1:30 for it. Damn.

Once there, I pull up a spacious bit of floor (I have a good choice as there is no one else around) get out my sleeping bag and try to sleep. Its fucking uncomfy but the chairs aren’t comfy either and you can’t lay out on them. Oh well.

January 3rd, 2009.

Its back to London and that makes me a little upset. I sleep the whole flight then wait, and wait, and wait at Stansted to get through customs. I haven’t had to wait that long ever. But the end of holidays does mean that.

And thats that. I am officially up to date with my Blog. Its been a great year. Fantastic. Best year of my life so far. And I’m happy with the decision to stay on and keep working here and travelling. I just cannot wait to do it all again.

Til next time y’all.

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