Bike and sled.

Boxing Day, 2009 – Norway.

We wake up to a fresh dump of snow overnight. And immediately decide to go do some toboganning at Ole’s house. Though seeing as we have no car we decide to go by bike. Unfortunately, there are only 2 bikes and 6 people.

BBQ in the snow.

We start the trek to Ole’s house with a two riders and another being double on the front. However, this left two people walking.

The Road to Ole's

So someone came up with an ingenious plan to tie the toboggan onto the back and have it dragged by the bike rider. This proved rather fun, and tiresome for the bike rider.

The bike is your onion Ash.

Some people decide to just walk whilst others ride. We get to Ole’s and see that they’re already out and playing on the hill. So we all run up to join in the fun. It’s a whole lot of fun to be honest – I try it a vareity of ways: belly, Dropknee, Sitting normally – its all pretty fun.

Tobogganing downhill.

We get a bit cold and then decide to go inside to warm up and check some emails. The Norwegian hospitality props up again when Ole’s parents decide to treat us to afternoon tea/coffee accompanied by a range of cakes and treats. Seriously – cannot get nicer people. Amazing.

Group Shot.

Ole’s dad then takes us up the back of the property to see the dead dear that was found earlier. Its quite large, and the eyes have been plucked out already. Apparently the birds go for the eyes first as they are the easiest. They then go for the inside through the anus. Interesting….not at all.

The long ride back to Viv’s and Lauren’s ensues with Ash, Ally and myself tripling down there. Though its tyring for the girls having to pedal myself so it ends up being just myself and Ash and we make it back pretty quickly. Its quite a gorgeous ride too – its twilight and you can make out everything. I head back to make sure the others are ok and they aren’t too far behind.

We don’t do a whole lot that night but try to get some washing done and figure out plans of what to do tomorrow.

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