Its christmas eve, eve.

December 23rd, 2009 – Norway.

I awake and make my way downstairs and put some tunes on and make a coffee and some toast. Just chill out and wait for the others to get up. A shower and we’re off to the shops to buy some food for dinner tonight.

The supermarket is tiny. And the beer very expensive. I buy 2 six packs for pre-gaming and it ended up costing me 150KR for a 6 pack of 330ml beers. And for the large 500ml beers – try 300KR. Yup – about 15-30 euros for beer. Ridiculous. We also buy some whale for dinner.

We make our way home and stop off at the local beach. Its quite picturesqe. The beach overlooks the Fjord. The snow capped mountains and the colour of the sun reflecting off the mountains is pretty amazing. We stuff around on the beach for a bit. I make a beached as snow angel (gotta say it with a kiwi accent though). And generally cause havoc. We’re the only ones on the beach so its not too bad.

The beach we went to.


We head back to the house and chill out. There really isn’t a lot to do. So we sit in front of the fire and do nothing.

We then start to cook dinner before everyone arrives for pregame drinks. I steer clear of the kitchen as its tiny and not really gonna be good when you have 4+ people trying to cook. Anyway the girls make up a killer Whale Casserole. It has this sorta kidney-esqe feel to it when you chew. Very tender and light. But its not too bad.

Whale meat.

Whale Casserole.

We then hit the cans and vodka for drinks before calling the taxi to pick us up to take us to the pub. The night is pretty fun and we get to the pub in Fiska. Its tiny – very tiny. But its nice to be at a pub where no one really speaks or sees english speaking people that often.

The pub shuts and we huddle into the mini bus to get back to the house and have the after party. Things get a little loose. Very loose. These Norwegians sure now how to drink. I somehow stumble to bed rather late – 5ish or so. I have no idea. But it was late.

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