Off to neverland

So I am leaving Oslo. Its been a few days, but after wasting a bit on accom and food/beer I’m kinda glad.

Its an early start to the day, really early. I have a 7am flight so off to the airport to be there by 6am. The walk is fricken cold, but its cool to be putting new footprints in the fresh snow and to hear it squeek under your foot.

The main airport at Oslo is easy to get to – the fast train gets me there in no time at all. Getting my bags checked in as an entirely different thing. I go to the usual check in desk – but my bag is oversized (apparently a backpack is oversized) and have to check it in at the oversize desk despite it being underweight. Ah damn.

So I head on through to the departure lounge and cruise around, grab a bite and chill out playing some solitare at the gate.

I then get a message from Ally and they arrived earlier than expected. So they head on up to the gate and its good to see Ashleigh again after a good 5-6 months. Probably one of a handful of people I’ve met whilst traveling that I would like to see and chill out with again.

I then head out into the snow hitting myself in the face and heading out onto the snow drenched tarmac to the little tiny rattler of a plane. And I join our ‘cosy’ little plane before settling in for take off. I sleep for most of the trip before waking up just before landing in Ostra Volda.

Small airplane and snow. Could be hazardous.

I wait for the girls to arrive in a tiny tiny airport where there is nothing but a couch. So I go and sleep on that and wait for them. The girls arrive and we have to wait some more for one of their friends friend to pick us up in his chevy truck.

Waiting at the small Ostra/Volda Airport.

About an hour later an Per Anker (friends friend) arrives and takes us into Volda to get some food as we’re all starving. But we end up a shopping centre and buying supplies, whilst Perps (my new nickname for him) gets a bottle of whisky. haha.

We get some dodgy servo food that was way too expensive and start our drive to our friends place. Its not far but with the fjords it takes some time, we actually go under one fjord and then go and wait for a car ferry (it would take too long to travel if they didnt have these car ferries).

Waiting for the Car Ferry. Pretty scenic if you ask me.

We get to our friends house and get comfy and then wait for them to get back from work. Munching out on toast and admiring what is left of the view slowly going away with the sun. At about 3:30. haha.

Viv and Lauren get in and the girls go a little nuts. And we end up chilling out for most of the evening. Viv and Lauren head off to pick up a few others. Whilst Ally, Ash and myself lay around. Ally heads to bed to get over jet lag and Ash falls asleep on my leg whilst I was watching bad Norwegian TV. I end up falling asleep no long after.

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