One fine day, or so you think.

Oslo, Norway – December 21st, 2009.

So I guess with being so far north, you can get away with a sleep in. Though I am out the door and getting coffee and breakfast. At least that sort of warmed myself up.

Icey paths and Deathly looking trees.

I head on down past the main station and to the harbour for one of Oslo’s Architectural highlights – their Opera House. As you can see by the photo which was taken at about 10. Its still pretty dark. And cold.

Opera house and Cold.

I head up past Oslo Cathedral on Karl Johan Street. Which is filled with every high street brand with the likes of H&M. Towards the end of the main avenue of Oslo, it sort of spreads out into a small square. Theres the uni nearby and also a ice rink to try your skills on.

Karl Johan Street.

Up at the end is Oslo’s Det Kongelige Slott or the Royal Palace. Its pretty magnificent. I find it quite unique you can go right up to it. On my way there I spot one of those Electronic Temp signs that fluctuated between -10 and -7 degrees celsius.

After that I go down to buy a few things for family at the Christmas Market. Only to see it being torn down – 4 days before xmas!

I catch the train out to a park that is really sensory overload. Its a bit on the freaky side but Vigeland Park is pretty spectacular. To see a park full clothed in snow, lake frozen, and statues of crazy naked people. It was a very surreal experience. Something you don’t expect to see.

Vigeland Park. Not so bad now.

Weird Statues.

After being overloaded I head off to find a cuppa and head to a little part called Bygdoy. Its sort of home to a tonne of museums. Whilst waiting for a bus – it starts to flurry down a shitload of the white stuff. Love it.

I get off the bus about a km from the Museum I am intending to go to. And set off on a walk through a snow covered little forest/bush. It lead right to the Fjord (harbour) and gave you some pretty good views of Oslo.

Frozen Seat.

Its quite incredible being the only person walking a track and not seeing a soul til you get to the main road. All in snowy conditions. Amazing.

Next stop for myself is the Viking Musem (vikingskiphuset). Its home to 2 full Viking Ships and a Rather terrible looking Ship. Not only that but a tonne of relics from Viking days. Its warm and cosy inside. And such an interesting experience to gain a wealth of knowledge from an important part of Norways history.

Viking ship at the Viking Museum.

I walk around this little area of Oslo. Its heaps pretty with the buildings looking rather fetching and vintage. I end up on the Fjord and look out towards the bottom of Norway. Well not the bottom but across the strait of water.


Its already getting dark again as I head back into Oslo and the main street. Checking out a few little shops. I end up in Grunnerlokka in the afternoon/evening and have chill out at a sweet little cafe/bar before going back to the hostel.

I go and grab a few things from the shop (Kiwi Supermarket). I end up getting a few items bread, salami, cheese, fanta and about 2 beers. All up it cost about 20 kronas. Yup 20 or so euros for that. I feel a bit ripped off by it. Oh well. I head to the hostel and chill out on the couch reading a book and feel slightly bummed the munchmuseet was closed today.

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