Pizza, Pizza, Napoli, Napoli.

Napoli, Italy – 20th October, 2009.

So last full day in Italy. And last full day of my summer trip. It feels kinda surreal to be honest. After a bit of breakfast, I head out in search of a decent coffee and end up at the Naples Oldest and probably Grandest Coffee shop Cafe Grambinus. I order 2 coffee espressos and a few pastries and eat the Italian way – standing at the bar.

Just around the corner is a vacant and stunning Piazza Del Plebiscito. There is not a soul in sight. And the only down side is the grafitti on some of the walls.

I decide to head on up to the old town centre and muse about. It is a Sunday and there isn’t a heap happening. And because its Sunday it also means that most of the decent pizza shops are open.

The old towns are grimmy and gritty – but thats something I enjoy. Its something I’ve come to love about cities. To me it makes them real and alive. Its a bit damp and wet to, just adding to it. Its also a tad surreal coming to a bustling city like Naples and finding it half desserted.

I make my way along a strip that has the best pizzas in the world. And well its Naples – home of the stuff. Of course I’m going to indulge. A long wait but I make it inside to Del Presidente and devour a classic Margherita. Absolute Perfection!
I wander around – grabbing the odd coffee before making my way back to the Hostel. Its a chilled day. So I chill out and watch some Italian Serie A futbol and drink some wine before ordering in another pizza. It goes down well. And a night of vino, some wii and asshole ensue!

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