Oslo…..cold…and Dark.

Oslo, Norway – December 20th, 2009.

Walking from home in Wimbledon, and trudging with my backpack to the tube. I head off on another advenutre to a new country I am yet to see. The ride to the airport was fine – except for the fact it was about 2am when I got there. I hate flying from Stansted its my hell.

Even the sleep against a shop front was good – thank you sleeping bag. Til I got woken up by a security guard saying shops were opening. They didn’t til another few hours.

Despite the early morning, the check in desk at ruin air (I mean ryan air) is chockas full of people. And I end up getting through and waiting for the plane. Somehow I scored a pretty neat window seat and crashed out before we even took off to Oslo.

Next thing you know, I awoke to a big shudder and the jerkiness that is a RyanAir landing. Hello Oslo.

Well not exactly – RyanAir flights fly into Rygge or Torp. I was now in Rygge. It would take another few hours by bus at the low low cost of 180Kronas (18 pounds) to get to Oslo.I also manage to doze off on this one too!

The good thing was I had tracked down a local to stay at theirs, sadly a day before I got a msg and she had some bad family news. So I didn’t have time to get another. So I go walking around the main square – looking for a net cafe or a hostel.

It seems weird. Its about 11am on a Sunday and the place is empty. There seems to be no one out at all. Its a bit weird.

I make my way up to a hostel. Which was the Anker Hostel. And scored a bed for the next two evenings. Which beats sleeping in the cold!

I head off and walk about the town. Just sussing it out. More importantly trying to find something cheap to eat. Which in Oslo is impossible to do! I get a burek from a bakery that was semi cheap and watch kids eat it on the Ice Rink.

I end up down on one of the harbours, and walk straight into the Nobel Price Museum. Which had a pretty neat display on Obama.

Across the road was a welcoming Christmas Market. Despite the cold, it was packed to the brim. Everything you could think of was on sale. I see a few things I can get for family back home and also grab a crepe and a coffee whilst sitting by a warm crackling fire.

Back at the hostel, and after a very bad dinner. I end up walking the chilly streets of Oslo to a small Jazz bar that is not really packed at all. But the band is pretty neat. The only real downside is that a half pint is about 60 kronas. Disgusting.

I head back to the hostel not long after 2 pints and read a book before crashing out to some tunes.

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