Adios Amigos

Back to London – October 21st, 2009.

Its with great trepidation and sadness that I get up at an early hour to go to the Airport. A slow walk after some breakky and I make it to the bus stop where as always in Italy its late. At the airport I don’t have a lot of time after I check in but get time to grab one last espresso before going through Customs.

The flight itself was remarkably uncrowded. It was awesome being able to spread out and not be cramped on a flight that was so cheap! Even arriving at Gatwick getting through customs was a breeze!

And so it has come to an end. Summer/Spring. Finished. The end. Its quite a shame really. I am back in London. Broke. Liver battered. Sunburnt. But pretty happy with how things went. From not planning much apart from 3 festivals I saw a great deal. And had an absolute blast.

The plan for the next few weeks to work as much as possible and then travel for about a month before heading home. This all came to a sudden jolt when I got offered a job for the rest of the academic year in London (just near Wimbledon).

So I am now saving up like a mad man, trying to save as much as possible to do even more traversing across the continent of Europe.

Til then, Adios!

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