Made it to Capri

Isle of Capri, Italy – October 18th, 2009

So we finaly get ourselves to Capri. Its a tiny Island not far from Sorrento. Pretty much a rich persons haven. And most famous for the Blue Grotto.

The lot of us are up and ready to go after a quick grab of some breakfast we hit the station to get the train to Sorrento. We then arrive and wait. And wait. We were told to be there by 8. We don’t get picked up til about 8:30. Damn I could of had an extra 30 minutes sleep. Bastards.

So we get into the mini van that will take us to the harbour – only half way there we turn around as we seemed to have missed a few passengers.We clamber aboard our vessel which is a smallish boat (looks like an old fishing boat but now its got seats everywhere. And its not long til we pick up more people – a lot of greying haired retirees.

Anyway the boat takes us around to the Island. We get ferried around one side, passed sky high limestone cliffs. And small grottoes abound. Its very scenic and pretty.

We get dropped off at Marina Picolla where the bunch of us get on the bus to the town of Capri. Its a very small town – perched in between the two high points of the Isle. Walking along the streets its like walking down the main street of Milan – dead set designer store heaven. We get some gelato and chill out and eat over looking the Marina Piccola.

We decide to go see the blue grotto. And make our way to Anacapri via the bus. The buses on the island are tiny. Very small. The trip up to Anacapri is a little sketchy, mainly due to when we go around the corner I can actually view straight down into the crashing sea below. The town of Anacapri is more quaint and rustic. This town seems a lot better than Capri.

So instead of catching the bus, we decide to walk. Which seemed like a great idea at the time. Til we get lost and go down the wrong path. A bit of back tracking and we’re back on the road – it takes a fair while. But its a nice way to go – scenic and picturesque.

We finally make it to the Blue Grotto. Which isn’t a lot. Theres stairs leading down and a sign saying the Grotto Azzura. Its apparently closed. I’m keen to go for a swim in, yet no one is keen, so that idea escapes. Dammit.

We chill out and wait for the bus to come cause we don’t want to do that walk – all up hill. We decide to go to Capri – but then get over it after we grab some gelato and head to the Marina Piccola and chill on the beach.

We get onto the boat and make our way to around the island one last time. Visiting the other famous grottoes as well as the blue grotto. Before speeding off back to Sorrento.

We head back to the hostel and chill out for a bit. Before getting some more delicious chicken and chips and beer. Its a quiet evening again chilling out and drinking beer at the hostel. Daniel and myself are planning to grab some mopeds to burn around the Amalfi Coast tomorrow.

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