Its gonna blow….volcano.

Mt Vesuvius, Italy – October 14th, 2009.

Its another late start to the day. I cram as many croissants in at breakfast, and grab some rays on the rooftop before heading out to do a spot of hiking.

Getting off at Ercolano, the guidebook states that buses run up most of the Volcano – there is only one and well it doesn’t go til after 1ish. So I go and explore what is Ercolano. Which isn’t a great deal to be honest. I make refuge in a pizzeria and munch down on a margherita and a birra moretti before getting the bus up.

The bus ride up is very rough and pretty dangerous. Well the bus driver is fanging it around blind side corners and close to edges of the road. We make it to the parking station in one piece and get given our entrance tickets.

The climb up isn’t tough. It’s fairly step and rocky and its not long til I’m met withe the crater of the active volcano – but it hasn’t erupted for a long time. Its not what I expected – but again its not erupting. There’s a few plumes of smoke but that is all.

There is a walk around most of the volcano – you used to be able to get up to the ledge before some stupid person actually fell to their death. So now guardrails are in place (they aren’t exactly hard to get through though. I get to one spot where I can sit and watch the volcano from the edge and its a good drop to the bottom. But the view is amazing.

Not only are the views of the Volcano awesome – but so are the views of the bay of naples where you have Sorrento to the left and Naples to the right. You can see Ischia and Capri out there too.

Heading back down is a lot easier, and the bus trip isn’t bad. I catch the train, get a few zzzzzzzz’s and head back to the hostel.

Dinner is the staple of chicken and chips to go at the shop. And a few beers back at the hostel. Its a bit of a quiet night as some of the guys are keen to hit the Karaoke bar and seeing as I’m running low on funds I skip it and stay in and watch a few movies and play the wii.

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