A lot of rubble

Pompeii – October 13th, 2009.

A scoff down of the free breakky and a shower and I wait around for the Rorsta to turn up so we can devour some chickeny goodness. He turns up at about 12ish – and collects his mail and we divert straight to the chicken shop. Sadly they aren’t open – we figure its just siesta time or something and head off.

We get off at the Pompeii train station and grab a bite to eat before heading in. Rory was about to come in, but bails at the last moment. And I go buy my ticket and grab a map of the place.

So for those hiding under a rock, Pompeii is the best known archaelogical site in the region. It showcases the desctruction of one village when Mt Vesuvious erupted an eternity ago. Because the ash buried the town the town itself is very well preserved.

Heading in its qutie amazing to see the buildings still in pretty much in tact. Not to mention the amount of dogs that are around. Its like canine city here. But its quite enjoyable – its not really well signposted so it may be good to take a tour or get an audio guide. I had a guidebook that had a tour in it so I followed that.

The one place that everyone pretty much goes to is to the Brothel. Its quite small and cramped. The beds are slabs of rock and the walls are highlighted by paintings of couples going at it. There was a massive line to get in.

The other place that is quite amazing is the towns very own Gladiator arena at the far end. Its not small but it is compared to Rome’s. It’s quite eerie being in the arena where millenia ago people were dying.

I head back to Sorrento and the hostel and chill out on top of the roof for a bit before going up to the chicken shop for dinner. Sadly its shut – they shut on Tuesdays. Its quite silly. So we grab a case of beer across the road and then head back to the hostel. We decide its best we eat at the hostel – its cheap-ish and it’s convienant.

We end up going up having beers and chilling out in the small lounge room playing wii tennis.  Not a bad way to spend the evening.
Note: My camera is complete garbage and somehow won’t let me upload – so I have to wait for it to be looked at by some one and cost a fortune. So no photos for the rest of my Italy trip at the moment. Once I have them I will upload them on here. Apologies.

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