The Only Church You Need To See!

Rome, Italy – October 12th, 2009.

Last free breakfast in Rome, and myself and Joey dump our bags and head off with Cassie and Rory to the Vatican/St Peters. We start to head to St Peters til Cas and Rory decide to go do the Vatican Tour with our Roman Forum Guide.

Joey and I head towards St Peters Square thinking we’ll get in pretty easily. Then we hit the square – and the line up is HUGE. I am talking from one side following the circle of the square. Its ridiculous. We head to the end and Joey basically goes fuck this I’m out and heads off to his next destination – Florence. I stick around – I’ve been waiting to see St Peters. Its been the one church on my list that I have to see.

What is this line?

The line goes quicker than expected and its not long til we’re ushered through the secuirt gates – bit much for a church but I suppose this is the centre of the catholic church. Heading up the stairs I spot the colourful swiss guards who guard the place.

Stepping inside is like another world. Its incredible. It is by far the best church you will see. The decorations and size is overwhelming. I go past Michaelangelos Pieta statue and then mosie about the cathedral. It is absolutely incredible, there is even a mass going on.

Inside the Cathedral

I go to visit the tombs but the line up is ridiculous and I head off. Taking in one last look at the biggest church in the world and set off for the hostel. At the hostel I grab my bag and head off to Roma Termini and book a ticket to Napoli (Naples) and then get some pizza whilst waiting.

The train trip itself is relatively slow – it lasts about 2 hours and I’m pulling into Naples. From the train it looks fairly dodgey. I walk myself to the Circumvesuviana to Sorrento.

Getting off its tip toeing through piles of dog crap to the hostel. Which just so happens to be a lap of luxuary. Its by far one of the best hostels you could plonk yourself in – despite the lack of self catering facilities its pretty good. I chill out on the roof top terrace and soak up the last rays of the day.

Rory and Cassie recommended a local Chicken shop which apparently has the best meal ever. I spot a few other travellers waiting for theres – they’d been here 4 days and only just heard of this place. But heading back to the hostel and tucking into it – it is without a doubt the best chicken and chips you will taste. Despite the fact that I mistakenly ordered a whole chicken instead of half.

Note: I am still in the process of getting my remaining Rome/Sorrento/Pompeii/Vesuvius/Capri/Amalfi/Naples photos – the SD card was a bitch. So the photos are probably not mine but a friend of mine. You’ll get over it.

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