Rome, Italy – October 10th, 2009.

I wake up to everyone wishing me a happy birthday, then get a msg from people who can’t ring. So I sit on Skype and talk to everyone (parents and friends). Its nice to hear from people.

We have some breakfast up at the kitchen then head off on another day in Rome. Rory, Cassie, Joey and I make our way on the metro to the Colosseum. Some big ruin thing thats in Rome. I haven’t really heard of it.

We make our way over, and I get my first girl for the day. A lovely large girl in the form of a sculpture. haha We make our way for the line and then realise how long it is. Ridiculously long. It must be popular.

What a lucky girl!

We decide its time to get our tourist on and take a tour by bypassing the line. We end up still having to line up somewhat, but we get in a bit faster. And are given these annoying speakers that our guide talks to us through.

The line to get in. A bit ridiculous.

Apart from the frustrating speakers, its a pretty awesome and spectacular site. To consider that this is over 2000 years old and still standing is amazing. Its quite a feat and its quite a marvel.


We ditch the tour lady and go explore the colosseum some more. It really is specatcular. We then realise we have about 30 minutes to get some food before heading over into the Roman Forum.

Roman Gladiator.

We head up to Palantine hill, and have a quick but informative tour of the Roman Forums – a lot better than crazy colosseum tour guide. Its absurd thinking this place is 2,600 years old. Nuts. They used to have marble here that is worth about 1 million per square metre or something ridiculous – its all in the vatican now.

Roman Forum. 2,600 years worth of history right there.

Cruising out of the forum, the walk takes us past the wedding cake – as its called in Rome – and onto the Trevi Fountain. We first grab a gelati – yeah I know another one but its so god damn good – then grab a spot by the fountain and enjoy it. Before doing the obligatory chuck a coin into the fountain. We had a lot of spare change – I think Rory chucked in at least 1 euros in shrappers.

Joey doing the honours this time.

Last stop, and its to chill out like the locals do in Rome, by chilling out on the Spainish Steps soaking up the suns and people watching. Life can’t get much sweeter than this!

The awesome foursome on the Spainish Steps.

We grab a few beers and head back to the hostel for free pasta and start to drink up. We then head back on the Metro and head on a pub crawl with a 1 hour of power. Apparently cause its my birthday I get a free bottle of wine – it was spumante. All class.

Outside the Colosseum at night before we do an hour of power.

The pub crawl is loose. Very loose. It was a pretty fucking good night. Apart from how it ended. But all in all, looking back on it, a pretty amazing Birthday. Life is sweet.

Loose Night.

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2 thoughts on “Gladiator

  1. Sounds like you had a good day. You can’t beat the hour of power. Did you go for a Vatican tour in the end? Probably more interesting than the Ancient Rome stuff.

    • Hour of power is always great fun.

      We didn’t end up doing a tour of the Vatican – we did it ourselves the previous day. I could spend a whole day there easy. Amazing. But I find a lot of the roman/ancient stuff interesting as well.

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