The Vatican Museum

Rome, Italy – October 9th, 2009.

A free breakfast is a free breakfast no matter how terrible it may be. So we tuck in and devour some food. Before heading down to the metro and grabbing a metro to near the vatican walls. We do the trek along the walls to the museum entrance.

To the Vatican.

I was half expecting the line up to be as massive. But we score pretty well and make our way straight through to the museum.

Entrance to the Vatican.

The Vatican has to be one of the biggest museums in the world. The place is huge to put it bluntly. We walk out into the courtyard where there is a huge earth ball standing. Very modern for a place built on a lot of historical artifacts.

Gold Sphere.

We then head into the museum, and its packed. Its chockers, shoulder to shoulder. But it is quite amazing. I’m not gonna go into too much detail but if you pay for one museum in your life, make it this one. Well worth it. We spent a good couple of hours exploring.

Being a goose.

We go to the egyptian wing, but strangely come back out to the main courtyard. We then realise we have to go back and backtrack to get to the Raphael rooms and the Sistine chapel.

We keep making our way down corridors and corridors of frescoes. Amazingly detailed frescoes. One of the more intriguing rooms was the map room – a room where they had old maps of italy painted. Incredible.

Map Room.

The Raphael rooms were the precursor to the main attraction of the vatican. But these in their own right would be worth the visit.

The Sistine chapel is a place of worship. It’s not massive in size, as I first thought it would be. But when you look at the ceiling and the Last Judgement. It blows your mind. Although I find it funny that the guards try to so valiantly to keep the peace and stop photos but it seems to be to no avail.

The Sistine Chapel.

Myself and Creation.

The roof of the chapel.

After that we head through some “modern” religious paintings. I spot an odd-looking painting and its a Salvador Dali painting. I’m amazed it’s there.

We explore the rest of the galleries that are nearby before heading out down the spiralling staircase. Joey and I make our way for some food – museums can take it out of you. So we grab a pizza and a coffee nearby then a fix of gelato.

After lunch sustinence.

Pizza and Coffee for lunch.

It’s then off to St Peters Square and muse about before going and getting lost trying to get somewhere. We end up in the slums of Rome somewhere I think. And then decide its best to backtrack.

It’s off to Piazza Navona and the Pantheon again. But with the beauty of these places you can keep going back time and time again.

Inside the Pantheon

A quick bus back to the Termini and we grab a bottle of vino from the store and hit up the hostel. Someone has decided to put on Gladiator again. Not suprising given most of the movie is set in Rome. And we chow down on some awesome Pasta before waiting for Rory and Cassie to arrive.

Once they’ve arrived we go in search of some local bars. We find one bar, and head in. Only problem is they only serve Heineken. Ew. So we make our way to the Yellow bar (which is underneath the Yellow Hostel). And drink away the night. At 12 midnight – which just coincidently happens to be my birthday – they all go and buy a shot.

The shot is dark, very dark in colour. Shotting it back I can only summon up the words “tastes like burning”. It is pure fire. Apparently it was filled with Tabasco sauce, absinthe, jager and sambucca. Nasty little concoction that was. The name was Chuck Norris Roundhouse kicked me to the head. I kid you not, that was the name of it. The rest of the night we drink up a bit. And get in late-ish.

Devils shot - Chuck Norris really did kick me after this.

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