The Eternal City

Roma, Italy – October 8th, 2009.

Since I don’t want to do anything that the others (Cas, Ror and Joey) want to do, such as the main touristy sites I decide to head and do a bit of a Angels and Demons tour of Roma. Angels and Demons being the book by Dan Brown.

Anyway after some breakfast and checking of email I head out with a map to show me the way. I head up around the corner. I hit a nice looking church and head in. Its the Santa Maria Degli Angeli. Its a hulking big church, but its inside is amazing in its design and decorations.

I make my way up to one of the churches in the book the Santa Maria Della Vittoria. There is not much of this church to be honest. Its quite small and very musky in smell. The outside had a beggar opening the door for money. Inside though is truly amazing. It is splendid in its smallness and the Bernini statue is quite the sight.

Bernini Masterpiece at the Santa Maria Della Vittoria.

I then walk along a road, it seems to go on and on, and up and down. Then I get to the top where a church is. Taking a look down, I am met with the Spanish Steps and the view over the city towards the Vatican and St Peters. Its quite a view. I stop off on the steps and take it all in. I wasn’t expecting this but its quite enjoyable hanging out on the steps.

Looking down on the Spanish Steps.

I then head up to one of the first churches in the book at Piazza Del Polpo and the Santa Maria Del Polpo – though the church is fine I just love the big square that we are on and then head off down the road.

Piazza Del Polpo.

Making my way down this long stretch of road I grab a slice of pizza paid for in weight. And keep on going. And at the end I head to a gelati shop to grab a mass amount of the good stuff. I walk down the road, get accosted by spruikers from pub crawls to vatican tours. And then hit one of the most famed sights in Rome and the christian world.

St Peter’s Square is massive – completely huge. I missed the papal audience with the pope but its still a sight to behold. Its grandeur and the fact its sort of tunnelled in by the collanades makes it seem larger than life. I spot the Air symbol on the ground and mill about this massive existance.

St Peter and me.

I make my way down the street towards Castello St Angelo, an old castle on the River Tiber. Its interesting in that its not what you expect from a fort. But the crazy guys outside street performing hold more interest to myself.

I then head to Piazza Navona. One of the prettiest piazza’s you will ever visit. Stunning. The centerpiece is the Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini. Its a massive massive with ginormous scultures featuring the four major rivers of the world (at the time). Its quite incredible – the whole place is packed full of tourists, spruikers, artists, you name it. I head for somewhere quieter.

Fountain of Four Rivers.

And hit the Pantheon – quieter isn’t exactly what I find, but its amazing. It is sublime – an amazing feat of architecture. The dome is perfect. Completely. The inside isn’t what you expect, and it holds the kings and queens of Italy. Not to mention Raphael’s tomb.


Patheon Roof. Incredible.

And after this I have finished my Angles and Demons tour. Its quite easy to do by yourself and you only need a map and knowledge of the book. It as enjoyable. I head on back to the hostel and buy a bottle of wine and put it in the fridge to cool.

A shower and then I wait for the pasta to cook, whilst watching another movie. Joey rocks up and we finish off the Red Wine.

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