To the Eternal City.

Roma – October 7th, 2009.

So after wandering the markets of Florence and haggling for a belt. I got it down from 35 to 10 euros. Bargain. Til I get back to London and 2 months later its falling apart. But hey it’s an experience. Always haggle for it at markets.

I hop on a train and make my way to Roma – The eternal City. Trains go pretty regularly. But if your backpacking ask for the cheapest ticket (otherwise you’ll fork out 50 euros). The cheap ticket takes 3-4 hours but saves about 30 euros (which you can spend on booze/food/accom).

The trip to Roma is smooth and slow. But I do see a lot of the country side. It would be fantastic to just pull into a town and wander through with no one speaking a word of english. Thats my dream destination. I don’t like going to a place where they speak English – its not real.

Anyway once at Roma I make my way down some very very shady back alleys (I am sure most hostels are located near the Roma Termini) and get to the Legends Hostel. And then sign up for the Pasta Party. Its not a great hostel – the only common area is the Kitchen and the rooms arent great but are tidy. Its ok nothing great. But when you get breakfast and dinner….you take your chances.

Anyway its a lazy afternoon of watching Gladiator and then enjoying some Pasta. Then making sure I get Joey a bed for tomorrow night and the next few nights. Then hit a gelati store before crashing out in bed.

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