Il Palio

Siena – October 5th, 2009.

So I grab some breakfast and head off down the road to the bus terminal. Cassie and Rory are off to Cinque Terre for the day so I’m gonna head to a town called Siena.

The trip out there is pretty smooth and it doesn’t take too long. Though by the time I get there I am absolutely starving. So I grab a quick bite and make my way into the old town centre.

Siena is really touristy, and I make my way to the Siena Cathedral which is one of the great gothic churches in the world. It is pretty spectacular. And has a similar facade to the one in Florence, but not as big. I go to check inside, til they want myself to pay. So I chill out and watch outside.

Siena Cathedral.

I then head off into the streets towards the Piazza Del Campo, stopping off to find a slice of pizza and espresso. The main square of Siena is magnificent. It has to be one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Its truly awesome. Sadly I’ve arrived too late for the Il Palio (a horse race around the outside of the square thats held twice every year). I grab a gelato and sit in the square chowing down on it. And grab some more.

Piazza Del Campo

There isn’t a whole lot else to check out, so I walk around a bit of the old streets and roam the alleys. I then head back to the bus stop and catch a ride back to Firenze.

Even the dogs get in on the gelati eating caper.

I run into Cassie and Rory -they only went to Pisa and we go for a wander for food. Grabbing pizza, is there anything better and a few beers. We head back to the hostel and chill – uploading a few videos from Rory’s mammoth collection.

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