Art, Art, Art.

Florence, Italy – October 6th, 2009.

I weigh up where I should head to. I have two choices – Galleria D’Academia (home of David) or the Uffizi Gallery. So to help myself as I suck with art I ask the girl on reception which one she’d recommend. I know if I don’t go to one I will regret it. And if I don’t go to the other I’ll regret it. She tells me the Uffizi is a must see and I shouldn’t miss it. So I head on down there.

Head on pass the Duomo, with its magnificent facade. Then down to Piazza Della Signoria and I get to see my David (even if its a replica). Then I go and line up. I didn’t buy a ticket – so I stand in line.Vatican line). But its not moving one bit. I do get in, and pay the pricely sum of 10 euros for the priveledge of seeing some artwork.

The line up. Its not long but it took forever.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock The Uffizi is one of the premier art galleries of the world. And probably the best for Renassaince Art – that period that brought us Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Botticelli. And the rest, thats just a few. It is the renassaince art gallery. Even more suprising is that the majority of the art was owned and bequethed to the city of Florence by the Medici family.

The place isn’t as big as the Louvre, it does have a tonne of rooms. And it is in chronological order. And despite the  famous art works like Bottecillis – The Birth of Venus and Da Vinci’s – Annunciation (and don’t get myself wrong they were fantastic), l I get a little overwhelmed with the amount of christianity and religious themed art work. Its all splendid and magnificent, but there is only so much an atheist can take. The art work is brilliant though – its a shame I can’t show any photos as there are no photos allowed and guards everywhere. I do sly off a few inside.

Inside the Galeria D'Uffizi.

I then make my way to get a pick me up – Gelati of course. Then head over the Ponte Vechhio. And chill out outside another gelati store. Not addicted to it or anything huh. But this is the best I have tasted in Florence.

Ponte Vechhio.

Its a bit of a lazy afternoon, hanging by the Arno River and wondering the streets of Florence.

Arno and Ice Cream.

Back at the hostel, I meet some new room mates and we go grab some food – Pizza – its becoming a staple for me here. Then head back to the bar upstairs and have a few beers. The only terrible thing about this hostel (barring the no kitchen is the fact that you need to put money on your room key). A few beers at happy hour and a few drinks and talking to all I decide to call it a night about 12. I’m heading to a city that was created by a wolf child.

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2 thoughts on “Art, Art, Art.

  1. Hey! I stumble upon your blog on the Lonely planet website and since I am planning to go to Florence at the end of the month I was wondering if you could give me a small review of the Hostel you’ve been to (and the facilities who can find there).I am backpaking alone and I am looking for a nice place to meet planty of new people 🙂
    There is so much out there that it’s difficult to choose…

    Thank you!

    • Hey, I stayed at a hostel called Plus! Florence. Its a pretty big hostel – plenty of rooms, a rooftop bar, a downstairs bar, a pool and sauna. The place is fairly big so it may be hard to meet people. There is no kitchen which sucks when backpacking. But if your backpacking alone then the bar might be an ideal place to meet people. I’m not sure of any other hostels there – but I am sure you will find plenty of people to meet. Check out and check the reviews.


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