A little bit of Tuscan Flavour

San Gimignano, Italy – October 4th, 2009.

Cassie and myself try to organise some bikes to go riding in the Tuscan hills after some breakfast. Though the guy at reception thinks its a bad idea as we’ll probably get lost somewhere but he suggest we go to San Gimignano instead.

We get onto the bus and make our way out there. Stopping at this small little town first ( to change buses) where we see a bit of a fiesta going on. A grape squashing competition is on in full swing and its teams of kids going nuts on them. Pretty awesome.

Squash those grapes.

We get onto the next bus to San Gimignano and make our way through the old walls. Its a pretty tiny but gorgeous town. We are continually met with wafts of fantastic smelling pizza and find some decent slices and chow down on them.


We head up to the gorgeous main square – which isn’t full but its got tonnes of people walking around eating a heap of gelato.

Its not til we spot the sign that we realise whats going on. There is a small shop front that has in bright letters “World Champion Gelati”. So doing what any hungry backpacker does – we all go in and divulge in some.

Savouring the world best gelati.

We then head off and explore the city. Well there isn’t a whole lot to explore. We find our way near a church, then wandering around to viewpoints of the surrounding hillside. Its pretty amazing scenery and views. Definitely worth the trip.

The countryside.

We see most things in about 1-2 hours – so we indulge in some silly panaromic photos on Rory’s camera. Definitely some fun there.

Camera Fun.

Before we head back to the Main square for another round with the gelati.

Proofs there. Best in World.

We set off for the journy back to Florence. Its a boring journey with a full busload – but I manage some sleep thank god.

We head to our rooms at the hostel and shower before heading out. The guy at the hostel gave us the place to go to get the best pizza in town. However, we get there and its not open at all. So we end up in some restaraunt nearby. Cass pigs out on pizza and I actually score a decent pasta for once!

Girl of your dreams guys!

How many gelato eating pics can I post? Maybe a few more...

We hit some Gelati before heading back to the hostel for a quiet night in. I think I check the bar out and chill out watching some Entourage. Its not all drink drink when you travel – though it does happen a lot.

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