Florence and the machines…

Florence, Italy – October 3rd, 2009.

So waking up, I head down the road to this little cafe with Sarah and a few others for a breakfast buffet. It goes down suprisingly well – pancakes are the bomb!

Sarah and I then go and explore Florence and make our way towards the Duomo wandering the markets and investigating the food market. Even found Penis Pasta and Cow Testicles. We get to the Duomo and there is a massive killer line to get in. So we decide to come back to it later on.

Bigger balls than most of you slackers.

We head off down the road and walk towards the Piazza Della Signoria. There’s a lot of statues around here – the most famous being a replica of Michaelangelos David. Then there is the fountain of Neptune as well as a more famous sculptues and statues.

Brutal Statue.

We head into Palazzo Vechhio – we then learn it costs money but there are some amazing wall decorations there.

We cross over the Ponte Vechhio. Its not the nicest looking bridge – its Florence’s oldest bridge and survived WWII bombings. It is lined with gold gold gold shops as well as the famous lock fence that is there.

On the Ponte Vechhio - underneath this statue is hundreds of engraved locks that lovers put there.

We head up to Palazzo Pitti for a quick glance before heading up to the Piazzale Michaelangelo. Which has some incredibly stunning views of Florence as well as another replica of David.

Views over Florence.

On the way down we stop off at Florence’s oldest gelataria and grab a dose of the good stuff before going into the Duomo.

Gelato Stop.

The Duomo is incredible bare inside, but the marble floors and decorations are wonderful. We were actually planning on going up to the top of the dome but didn’t make it once we saw the line.

We head down a street and go exploring the side and back streets of Florence. And somehow end up this little plaza watching one of the best street performances I’ve seen. It even had a drunken hobo next to us dancing and playing guitar on his birra moretti.

Crazy street performers.

Back at the hostel I go down and grab a sandwich from the sandwich shop and bump into Cassie and Rory. We plan on hitting up the Piazzale Michaelangelo for stunning views at sunset.

A bit of a siesta and we get together with a bunch of fellow travellers and head up to the Piazale Michaelangelo. If you are spending the night in Florence – make sure you take a bottle of wine and go for a sensational sunset! There was a corner store that we rush into and buy small cheap bottles of red and take them up there. The views were incredible and definitely a nice way to end the day.

Sunset over Florence.

However, we want some traditional Pasta and try to find a place – we tried a few restaurants however they were all booked out. But we get some luck and find a small little restaurant and dine out on some pasta. I’m sad to say I thought the Italians would have damn good pasta but this just did not do it for me.

We grab some Gelati before heading back to the hostel for some shut eye as we are planning on riding in the tuscan hills!

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