A bit of Pisa, then onto Firenze.

Florence – October 2nd, 2009.

So I get up early, real early. No not really, but early enough to get a 8 oclockish train to Pisa on my way to Florence. The girls that are staying at the hostel are going too. So I head off with them and catch the train.

Its quite a fun trip and it doesn’t take too long. And then we get to Pisa, dump our bags and head for the walk to some leaning thing. I don’t know, but apparently its famous.

Pisa seems a little small and there doesn’t seem like there is a whole bunch here. I guess its just day trippers coming for one thing.

We hit the leaning thingy – apparently its called the Leaning Tower of Pisa – but leaning thingy is better. Anyway we get to the Tower and its like a hundred thousand people all doing yoga or something. Everyone is doing a pose.

Tower Thingy that leans.

Lawns and Tower.

We join in the fun and do the touristy thing. It has to be done. So we get some snaps. And then head back to the train station. After finding some food that is.

Got hawkers? Lines of them.

And theres nothing more essential than pizza. So I grab a whole pizza and chow down on that. I say goodbye to the girls and head to the station. Grab my bag and make my way to Florence. Its not far away – an hour or so.

And then make my way down to Plus Florence – which is where Rory and Cassie are staying a few days later. So I’m gonna meet them then.

I check in, and head to the room on the 4th floor – one floor below the bar. And then check emails and shower. I run into Sarah and another guy and we head off on an adventure into Florence to see the sunset. Though we get to the bridge just before the Ponte Vechhio. And see it set over the hills.

Florence Sunset Numero Uno.

We go on search of gelato and pizza. I don’t find it weird I had pizza twice in a day. Its just natural, I’m in Italy. I deserve it. After our pizza and gelato we go back to the hostel.

Florence's Duomo at night.

We then set up a lounge in our dorm (read we put a mattress down on the floor) and sat against it whilst we watched Entourage before crashing.

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