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Cinque Terre – September 30th, 2009.

I get up fairly early and make my way to grab some breakfast. There isn’t a whole lot so I make do with some rolls and chocolate milk from the store. Then head back, see a bunch of people on the steps hooking up to free wifi – so I grabbed my laptop and check emails.

I then go and catch up with Katja so we can start our walk. The cinque terre national park is famous for its 5 villages hugging the coast. It is also known for the coastal walk that links the towns together.

We begin by going down to the park office and buying our park ticket. Yup, have to pay a few euros just to walk it. But its worth it.

We decide to start at Riomaggiore and walk along to Manorola and then onto Corniglia. First bit of the walk is the most famous and also crowded but the Via Dell Amore (which loosely translates to ‘lovers walk’) is quite flat and easy.

Views from the Via Dell Amore.

We then hit Manorola – another of the 5 villages. Its rather nice. Really pretty. We stop and watch the crowds and the people before moving on.


We start to walk around the cliff and head to the next town – Corniglia. The walk starts out very flat as we round our way around. Then the path becomes rather rocky. Thongs were a bad choice.

Manarola to Corniglia. Weird Tree.

We walk over a very cool suspension bridge that is rather tatty and worn. And then get to the bottom of a massive hill. I didn’t actually know this but Corniglia is at the top of a pretty big hill. And its 300+ steps to get to it from where we are at. Damn. But once at the top, the views are amazing.

Looking back on the trail from Corniglia.

We pit stop here. Chill out next to a church. And steer clear of a school group. We grab a tasty treat from a local shop and some water as its rather hot.

We then head down to the harbour and soak up the rays. Katja just lays whilst I read my book. We head back up and then decide to walk back. Which is much easier and we punish it in short time. Plus its good to get some decent photos without the sun glaring in.

We get back to Riomaggiore, where I decide to explore a bit more, than I make my out onto the harbour breakwall and chill there watching the town and the water. Amazing views. I then head around to the beach and go for a jump in the ocean.


Katja and myself plan to meet at the harbour and drink some more vino whilst watching the sun set. Again, its magical. You really cannot compete with it. Such an awesome experience. I should take in more – its just a breathtaking sight.

We drink the night away by the harbour with cheap vino and some nibblies. Before finding some gelato and then heading to bed.

Nighttime fiesta!

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