Boun Giorna Italia

September 29th – Riomaggiore, Italy.

So I’m up at the break of dawn and meet a few other travellers who are off as well today after a quick breakfast. And we make our way down to the train station.

I book my ticket to Milano and the others booked theres the other day. I’m heading a few stops down, where I get off and wait for my train to Italy.

The train in Switzerland was awesome. Then we get to the border and we have to switch trains. Its pretty uncommon to have to switch but its life. The italian trains are pretty run down and derelict. But it’ll do.

Not long and we’re pulling into Milan (fashion capital, big city, famous footballers, and the last supper). I was originally gonna stay here but I bailed on that idea as there isn’t a lot to do there. Instead I get on another train to Genoa. It doesn’t take too long.

Then another train and we end up going through the 5 villages that make up the region I’m spending the next few days exploring. I get to Riomaggiore and follow the directions to my accommodation digs. I didn’t know it was gonna be a massive hill and stairs. That sucked.

The digs are just lovely, so lovely that I feel like I’m going to break the bunk bed and land on the person below.But it does the trick. I won’t be here for a lot of the time.

I hop down into the village and walk up the main street. It doesn’t take too long to walk around, it might be tiny but it is gorgeous.


I head down to the harbour with the intention of going for a swim at the nearby beach. But I get a bit captivated by the amazing scene before me. And end up sitting on the edge of a wall and watching time pass by.

Sunset in Italy. Can't really beat it.

A few cute girls come, and Katja actually asks if I’d like to share a bottle of wine with her. So of course I say yes and we get stuck into some classy vino and watch the inspiring sunset come down.

Plastic Cups and Vino. We're all class.

A quick food stop after we run out of vino. And I grab my first of many many pizza’s. Classic Italian Margherita. And then we grab another bottle of vino. A quick top up and we change seating points to across the harbour and polish that off.

We head up into town and try to find a bar. Theres one open – a patio with a store that has drinks and ice cream. Cannot complain about that. So I mix my first love – beer. With one of my newest loves – Italian Gelato.

We organise to meet up tomorrow to do some of the walk. The main reason I am here. And we go our seperate ways.

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