Le Tour De Switzerland.

Interlaken, Switzerland – September 27th, 2009.

Joey and myself after a late start decide we should take a ride around town and decide to hire some bikes to do a lance armstrong.

We walk around town and checkout bike hire prices. Everywhere is about the same. Pretty expensive if you ask myself. But we end up hiring from the hostel anyway and ask the guy where to go and we get sent up along a river to Lauterbrunnen.

We head on up through a few towns on a pretty flat road. Its easy going and we pelt it along. That is til we get to a hill, and even though we have gears on our bike its pretty hard to get up.

Impersonating Lance Armstrong - Bag Sweat and all.

Anyway its only a short hill and we’re coasting down a gravel path along a small river for ages. We cannot really complain about the scenery. Its typically swiss. Gorgeous.

Riding my bicycle.

We stop by the river for a quick drink/refresh break. Its quite serene, even with the road on the other side of the river.

Not a bad pit stop.

We make it into Lauterbrunnen and are majorly puffed, with a mass amount of good ol bag sweat. I haven’t done this much exercise for a long time. But its definitely good. We find the nearest general store and grab some food to eat whilst discussing what to do next.


After a cruise around town we head to Trummelbach Falls which is another 4kms away – the good thing is its reasonably flat and easy ride.

Trummelbach Falls

Unfortunately when we get there its 11CHF to get in, and I don’t have that money on me, so Joey heads in for a wander with my camera and I stay out by the gate and chill.

We then head back up to Lauterbrunnen, after going through, we decide to take the road way instead. And it seriously only takes us about 30 minutes and we’re literally flying down. I end up losing Joey so I wait for him and realise I’ve taken the wrong path oops. But I head back and catch up with him.

We punch our way into Interlaken and into the hostel, with yours truly taking out the yellow jersey. Unfortunately we’re both paying for the ride and have riders ass in a massive way.

After a shower, and a quick stop to grab food, and head back to cook up a storm. And a few deserving beers. Whilst we try to make some plans for the next day – Joey has decided to save coin by seeing his parentals. And I’m – well haven’t decided. So I play it by ear and just chill whilst watching a movie or two. I go for a wander through the club but thats dead and head to bed.

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