The hills are alive…

Interlaken – September 26th, 2009.

So we’re up as late as possible for a bit of a shitty breakfast. I barely touch mine. Theres a fair group of us going on a bit of a hike through the swiss country side today. So all of us gather in the beer garden and wait for those slower starters.

We head on down to the station – and get to the coop for a brief fuel stop and to get some lunch time tucker.

One of the group gets a discount on the train so we all follow and get one. Sweet. We head on down to Lauterbrunnen. Before jumping on another train up to Wengen. We then hop off and figure out our path to the top.

Looking back down into the valley from the train.

We decide to take this route along the edge of a cliff and then around the bottom of Jungfrau and to Kleine Scheidegg which is a massive walk. We head off and its all plain sailing. All flat. Its a good nice stroll. The scenery is stunning and it makes the walk much easier.

Flat, and a path! Not for long.

That is until we hit the massive S-bends in the hill that are massively steep. Its a good hard slog. Lots of bag switches and lots of bag sweat. It was fairly disgusting. And we finally get to a lookout. On the edge of the cliff. Thats at least 500m to the valley below.

Not even half way there. Completely buggered.

We decide to chill and rest up. Its also an awesome place to have lunch. And tuck into our sambos – freshly made on the spot.

We trudge on up. And we finally get to a bit of a flat section – its here where we g

Lunch. Refueling up.

et these amazing views of Jungrau (top of europe), Eiger and Monch. Theres massive glaciers and snow still up there. And its like I can reach up and touch it. Incredible. Definitely the best mountain scenery I’ve seen in a long time.

Incredible is all you need to read.

We keep truding along. And get to a sign that directs us to either the nearest station. Or we can go the long way around. Which is an extra half an hour. So we go the extra half an hour. And its downhill for a bit – which is good but you know its going back up shortly!

Jungfrau is up there. Massive glacier and top of europe.

We get to the point – and instead of getting the train. We head higher and go to Kleine Schieidegg which is one of the last stops before Jungfrau on the train. Its a little over 2000m high. But its a damn good slog to get up there. All up it took about 5 hours! Definitely worth it though. With the price of everything in Interlaken so expensive – walking and hiking the mountains is one of the cheapest options you can do.


We go wait for a train. And do the obligatory ride the swiss bull photo. Before jumping on the train to grindelwald and well I fall asleep for most of it. Which sucks but is also very good.

I ran with the bulls in Pamps, now I'll ride a fake plastic run!

We then walk back, sorely, to the hostel, where we are just happy to see that the beer garden is open and cooking food. We all splash out on a well deserved burger with beer. It goes down pretty well.

The rest of the night is pretty chilled out. Its just a lazy night as the walk took out most of our energy. I do venture downstairs for a bit but its not exactly doing myself any favours.

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