Its like Christmas…if your an alcoholic with a penchance for beer.

Munich – September 19th, 2009.

Waking up today, I get a little giddy thinking of whats to come. Then I realise our stupid dare from last night. Joey hands myself the bottle and I take a swig. Hand it back and he does his. Before we do our last one. Fucking awful. A bit of breakfast and we all try to pile onto the buses as quick as possible to get into Oktoberfest.

Bus Ride in - Suze, Joey, and I.

Suze has managed to bring a bottle of Coke with vodka to help us get through the lull of no alcohol. Arriving its wet and a little damp but we make our way into the massive carnival like streets and proceed to go to the first tent which is the Lowenbrau. We line up outside and wait to be let in so we can pounce on a table.

Outside the Lowenbrau tent.

Once inside, thats the mission. We walk around aimlessly for what seems like an age trying to find a table. Yet nothing. We find one at the back – but are quickly moved on and shoved on one small table. Joe and Suze go suss out another tent whilst I play shithead with the guys at the table.

Not long later Suze is back and we’ve scored a sweet table in the Paulaner tent. So we head off and then wait. The wait is the worst bit. Its the opening day of Oktoberfest so no one can get served beer til 12 noon when the Mayor of Munich taps the first keg. Looking around the room, everyone feels exactly the same. Its ridiculous.

Not long before 12 our Beer wench comes along and takes our order. And once 12 hits, we thirstily wait for our Stein. Yet we wait for about 30 minutes before we get ours – thats how long the backlog is. But that first taste of Paulaner from a stein has everyone up and buzzing.

Beer Beer Beer. Our first round of beers.

Sampling fine fine bier.

It doesn’t take long for the band to start up, and for everyone to be standing up on their tables and prosting anyone withint 5 metres. A few tables down are a few Oompa Loompas so we go and join them for a bit. They have the obligatory cigar that Joey and I have a few puffs of.

Cigar O Clock.

The table next to us is full of Germans who we make friends with and it turns into a crazy afternoon/evening of shenanigans. To tell you the truth, I can’t be bothered talking about it. Its just a fantastic festival that involves copious amounts of beer.

Bier Tent!

I somehow get lost from everyone – not sure how – but find Joey at the bus stop and we head off back to camp. For some reason I think its a good idea to go to the bar at the camp and have some more steins before calling it a night.

How we both felt on the bus to camp.

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