Hangovers and Travel.

Liechtenstein – September 22, 2009.

Oh god this hangover is terrible. I had some pretty vivid dreams thanks to my mate snuff (snuff is tobacco that you snort instead of smoking and its the rage at Oktoberfest apart from Beer).

We chill out and kick a ball around. Mingle with people. And pack up. Its time to depart this fair fiesta as its putting a massive hole in my wallet. Joey has a good mate in a small country (Liechtenstein) and we’re gonna crash at his for a few days.

We miss a train and have to chill at the train station in Munich. We grab a feed and a powerade which goes down an absolute treat.  The train ride on the other hand is absolutely terrible. Clearly hangovers and travel DONT mix. Not to mention we end up in the wrong town haha. But the town we are meant to go to Feldkirch is not that far away thank god. So off to Austria before going into Liechtenstein.

We get the bus into Vaduz – which is the capital of the small principality. And wait for Marco to come pick us up and take us to his place. We have a quick shower as we’re both dying for one (4 days with cold 1 minute showers coupled with a beer festival will make the nicest smell person smell like ratshit).

We then head over to one of Marcos friends place which isn’t too far away. We have a few beers and catch up with everyone and have some pretty good pizza before calling it a night.

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