Cheese anyone? Nah a beer will be good but!

Interlaken, Switzerland – September 24th 2009.
We wake up and Marco’s gone to work. So Joey and I start to get packed and organized to leave. One of Marco’s mates is gonna take us to the train station over the border in Switzerland. Marco’s mum is an absolute champion and washed our clothes. I don’t think my clothes have been this clean nor soft. Amazing. It won’t last long but its most appreciated.

We get driven over the border and hop on a train to Zurich, then onto another train to Bern. And then one last train to Interlaken. Yup 3 trains but it doesn’t take that long. The good thing about swiss trains is that they are always on time. The bad thing – the cost its a bloody fortune!

The best way to pass travelling time - sleep!

A lake near Interlaken. Lake Thun to be exact.

We arrive at Interlaken and make our way to Balmers to check in to the hostel. We get to the room and think oh fuck this sucks. A quick check of emails and then we head off down the road to check out town. We’re stunned to see a hooters here. We then stop off at an adventure centre to book into Canyoning for tomorrow. We book into the 5 hour canyon trip.

Happy to be in Interlaken? Sure am!

We then head back, shower and have some dinner at the beer garden. Where we have a good burger and fries with a free beer. Goes down a treat. We end up hanging out and drinking beer in the beer garden. We meet a few champion people (Rory, Cassie, Julia, etc) and end up drinking to the close of the beer garden.

We’re then told to either go to our rooms or downstairs to the bar. We go to the bar as they have 2 for 1 drinks on. It as you expect gets rather messy. And its another late night breaking out moves on the d-floor and trying to get back into the dorm room.

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One thought on “Cheese anyone? Nah a beer will be good but!

  1. For me that sounds interesting, who knows what the future will bring… Let´s wait for it…

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