Check out – nah lets go another day.

Munich – September 21st, 2009.

So we were meant to go today. But instead we’re spending another night in the campsite. And we take our time. We want a cruisey day. We don’t get in til about 12.

Sunny days and beer ahead.

We make our way to the Hacker tent. And hit the beer garden section as its a sunny day. We meet Plugger and co and sit out with them. We also try to convince them to stay another night. But they fail to find a cheap flight. We have a few beers here with them before they leave. Kinda subdued.

3rd day in. 3rd beer in I presume.

We then go to find some chaos and head straight to the Hofbrau. And we cannot find a table – so we go into the pig pen. For those who dont know what the pig pen is – well its a section in the middle of the Hofbrau tent for standing only (no seats) and its known for its debauchery such as undies being ripped off anyone coming in and a lot of mental behaviour. Suprisingly we don’t get attacked or hit but we get out quickly and find a table nearby.

Getting Rowdy.

As before, things seem to escalate quickly. Always. So its another day. We walk around to random tables. Pull up stumps and get into the spirit of things. Its all a little messy. But great fun.

Towards the end of the night one of our favourite beer wenches wants to go have a drink with us so we head on over to some random bar and start drinking up there. After there we head back. I head to the bar and joey heads to the tent for some privacy. I run into a few guys smoking a hookah so I join in. Next minute I’m being pulled away to the other side of camp with it. And end up smoking it with some random guy.

I make my way to the tent and yell to Joe “You naked in there?” I hear a “yeah kinda”. So I just go I’ll give you another 10 or so minutes. To which he goes “Nah its not happening come in” haha.

Good times.

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