Interlaken – September 25th, 2009.

We get up early. Grab our free breakfast – which is pretty ordinary. Not that nice. But hey its free. We then go down to the adventure sports store to try and change our tour. We were told the 8 hour one is a blast. So we want to try to change to that. But there isn’t one running so we do the 5 hour instead.

We head back and wait for the guy to come pick us up. Joey and myself talk about the adventures that occured overnight. Hammocks were involved apparently. And things get a little more awkwarder once the rest of the canyoners join us. haha

We go to the Adventure sports place and get given all our stuff – wetsuits, helmets, harness and shoes. And then pile in the van for our trip to the canyon which takes about 30 minutes or so.

Getting our gear.

We stop at the bottom and get changed and chuck our stuff into the back of the trailer. Then pile in and head to the canyon site. First stop, and we’re on a road in the middle of nowhere. And met with a 50m cliff.


And this cliff is why its danger...

Our guide then tells us where about to walk down this thing. Abseiling down it. The guide asks if anyone has done this before. And everyone points to me (as I said I did in Slovenia) so the guide then grabs my harness and locks me in. Bastards. I suppose its good to get it out of the way. The trip down isn’t too bad til it gets past vertical.

Halfway down the rapel.

After everyone has come down we then head down into the canyon to the first jump. Its only a small jump. Maybe 3-5m in height. And he asks me to go first again. Which is fine. The guide tells me where to jump into. I don’t hesitate and just go for it. The jump is fun. The landing is fine. The water is freezing.


We make our way further into the canyon and come to our first slide. He basically holds us and then lets us go. The slide is fine, what I didn’t realise was the fact there was a drop at the end which scared the shit out of me. haha.

Slide and fall.

We head on down further and come to the biggest jump of the canyon. Its either a 6m jump or you can climb up to a 10m jump. Off a little platform barely the size of my feet. The jump itself is amazing – we try to go again but they wont let us.

10m leap.

Another slide and we’re near to the zip line. Which basically we hold onto and then let go and drop into a pool. A lot of fun with this one.

Zippidy DooDaa

We then get a few group shots before making our way out of the canyon. The last one we do is a jump to a rock before a slide. One of the girls got freaked out and our guide got the shits and basically said we werent doing that. So we go nah nah we’re gonna do it and joe steps up and does it first – with a loud thud onto the rock. We all follow and its pretty fun.

The Canyoning Gang.

We exit the canyon and then get changed out of our gear and have some cheese, bread and beers and chat to everyone. We then jump in and head back to Interlaken.

We wait around to view the photos and theres this little little bike that we decide to play on before heading back to the hostel. We then chill out in the hammock room and laze for the arvo.

I'm joining the circus!

We grab some food and beer from the coop store and come back. Cook up a feast, drink some beer and then hit the beer garden up. We catch up with everyone from last night and apparently theres a competition on. So we all sign up to win an adventure activity of your choice.

The night gets lose. We chill out in the beer garden. Before going down and getting on the sticky sticky dance floor with 2 for 1 drinks and the place packed full of people it ends up being a fairly good night.

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2 thoughts on “Canyonaro

  1. Clara on said:

    Hi there! Myself and a friend will be going to interlaken for around two/three days on our train tour around Europe. How much would this type of tour take and are there lost of options to choose from?

    • Hey Clara, there are a tonne of companies in Interlaken. Your hostel/hotel should be able to point you in the right direction. They are all in the same price. Mine cost 110 euros for five hours. But there are 3 and 8 hour options. There is also rafting and bungy and a range of things to do.

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