Another day at Oktoberfest

Munich – September 20th, 2009.

Waking up today is a bit more of a struggle. And things go a bit slower. We chow down on some breakfast and clean up a little before the ride in. We don’t seem to rush in today.

Tents a mess after a day. Notice the bottle of wine. All class.

We make our way down the main carnival entrance and make way to the legendary HofBrau Tent. And find the place near empty. Obviously people went all out last night. We find a decent table and order our first beers. Everyone seems to be in a world full of pain. But one beer in and spirits are up.

Day 2 - before the carnage.

First beer. Painful going down.

Its much of the same as yesterday. Its not like I can really write a coherent report about what happened. Its all a bit of a blur. We do run into the guys we shared a table with yesterday and they join us. At one stage through the day, my stein cracked. And I refused to prost anyone due to its fragile nature and me not wanting to waste precious beer. So when I’m not looking someone Prosts my glass….and smack the bottom falls out and soaks the table. Yep One stein broken. Wench! Another beer!

Its all a little subdued in the morning....

..Then the arvo hits and shit hits the fan.

Broken glass. New Beer!

I also run into a few people I meet Angus from back home randomly I may add. I didn’t know he was over so it was good to catch up. I also run into Annaleigh and Ali from the night out in Berlin and share a few beers with them.

Angus and I catching up.

Its another long loose day of drinking as many steins as possible. A few of Joeys friends join us for the festivities whilst Joey gets attacked by some blonde slag (ok not sure if she was but she was a pest). We exit at the end when the tents closing down and make our way to get the bus – we missed our tour companies bus so we jump on another one to get back.

Table just seat dancing.

We head down to the campsite bar which is in full swing with punters and have a few beers and suss it out. Joey bails early and I stick around talking to randoms before making my way back to crash.

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